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August 16 2008

Jason Biggs wears Drew Goddard's pants.

Wow. you click the link to find out what it could possibly mean... a new script by Goddard called "Pants?" perhaps?

But it's exactly what it says!
Okay, I'm sorry, but that's just tacky. I hope Jenny and Drew had a grown-up, drama-free breakup but even if they didn't...tacky, Biggs, tacky.
I think I've finally seen the Whedonesque headline equivalent of 'Freddy Starr Ate My Hamster'. That's just awesome.
ewwww! They aren't just pants... they are boxers! He's wearing his underwear! EWWWWWW!
That's just wrong. And also: not very nice.
Fake Thomas Jefferson is not pleased.
I don't know which is worse: the fact that he happily wears someone else's underwear, or that he gladly admits to doing so in public.

Well I guess at least if Drew's wondering where they went, thanks to Whedonesque he now knows! And hopefully if he has any sense he won't want them back. (Unless it's for burning.)
Drew's busy working on his pitch for American Pie: Die, Jim, Die. Coming soon from Universal Pictures.
That's very strange. I haven't heard anything about Jason Biggs in years, and in one fell swoop I learn that he's married to Nina, who use to date Drew Goddard, and he now wears his boxers. I never expected to know something like that. And why is this being reported? Alright, sure, I'm not too surprised it came up in a Playboy interview, but that it was passed along by secondary sources? Is anyone really that desperate for Jason Biggs news? And if they were, wouldn't they have just gotten the Playboy and read the interview?
Well, I admit to clicking the link cause I thought it was some clever thing. Then I had to read the article twice cause I was sure I was missing something....But no.
Jason Biggs is either very, very healthy or very, very sick and "I'm honestly not sure which".
Is anyone really that desperate for Jason Biggs news? And if they were, wouldn't they have just gotten the Playboy and read the interview?

We all know people buy Playboy for the interviews.... :)
On all fronts, "Ewwww."
Oh, Criminy Fudge Beelzebub, I thought what all y'alls thought - someone was being clever about a new production or something and I read this all unsuspecting-like...

I need a brain-scrub stat. Maybe if I could just pop into the official Dollhouse "Mind-Wiper-Deus Ex Machina" for a minute? I just need to erase the past half hour or so. (And while I'm in there, could someone press "Piano playing" and "Speaking Italian"? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.)
We need to search for a new girlfriend (or boyfriend, if he's that way inclined) for Mr Goddard. One that DOESN'T let other people wear his underwear.

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I volunteer! :)
I don't remember Jenny Mollen from Angel. Now I'm curious.

I'll have to watch the entire series again.

Wait... was she the werewolf lady?

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Yep, she's more commonly known as 'Dog girl'.

Now those boxers, I only hope Biggs washed them first...
Wow, that was remarkably pointless.
There's a Canada joke in there somewhere... ;)
There is always a Canada joke.
Well, Char, somebody's pants-less! ;D
I don't know Jason Biggs obviously though he's always seemed decent enough in interview so it could well just be an innocent joke but there're some very unpleasant connotations to this. Maybe Drew Goddard and Ms Mollen had an acrimonious split but this has an element of a very public rubbing of Drew's nose in it and "what was yours is now mine" which isn't cool at all on a bunch of levels.
I don't know Sage, I got more of a "trying to save face" feel from it. His wife kept an ex's underwear. I think that's the yuckiest part of all.

Although if you've seen Drew it's easy to understand wanting to keep a piece of him. Not sure that's the piece I would have chosen though.
I dunno, that doesn't really fly for me. He brought it up, why do so if he felt he lost face by it ? If he hadn't then no-one would ever have known and if he had an issue with her keeping them he could just sort it out with Ms Mollen rather than making it a public thing.

Course, we're not seeing the context or the shape of the whole interview, could be with those it seems a lot more innocent.
I think we are missing the odder point, if they are Drew's boxers wouldn't they come to Jason's knees. Or were they boxers for Jason but briefs for Drew. I mean come on, in height alone Drew has 6-7 inches on Jason. Somebody must have washed them in hot water and caused shrinkage, otherwise I don't think the shorts could fit Jason perfectly. Or maybe Jenny didn't want to admit they were hers. :)

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Thought this was going to be metaphorical, like stepping into someone else's shoes. Darn me for clicking.
Y'know, I'm really worried about you guys, if you're geeking out over who's wearing whose underwear.
I think I'll go wash my hands..
Jason Biggs wearing Drew Goddard's boxers? How...intimate. But hey, a person wants to wear another person's underwear, that's their business.
It's not like they haven't been washed, guys! I found it funny, but in a way my brother would appreciate. ;)
Where does it say they were washed? The very nature of "lying around" suggests to me that they weren't in the underwear drawer...

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