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August 16 2008

Mark Sheppard joins Dollhouse. The fansite Dollverse has the scoop.

Whoo hoo! That just made my week! Joss is building quite a cast, my hair is starting to stand here. So can't wait.

Thank you, Simon!
Mark Sheppard. The guy just pops up everywhere, doesn't he? Not that I mind...
Yay! Mark is always fun.
Great. He was spectacular in BSG (and not too shabby in Firefly either ;)). Can't wait for Dollhouse to actually, finally, start :).
Loved his turn on BSG. I hope he's recurring.
Confirmation from a businessman with a very fine hat well-known source would be nice.
This is excellent news!
Yay! That's just doubled my interest in the show. Mark is a member here too, if I am not mistaking.
That's great! Love his work in Firefly and BSG. Just no dead cats, please.
Salocin, I got the news from Mark.
Oh, that's fantastic news. Just recently enjoyed his smarmy/creepy In Plain Sight guest spot. (Which, by the way, if you aren't watching, you should be.) He really is terrific.
Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger (Dollhouse! Dollhouse!).
Mark Sheppard is always amazing in everything he does, I have loved seeing him on BSG, Medium, Bionic Woman, and so many other things.... He was just in 'In Plain Sight' a couple of week ago! I am very excited to see him return to the Whedonverse in 'Dollhouse'!

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This made my morning... he's so much fun to watch. (And my hat would be off to you, Polter-Cow, if I were wearing a hat.)
I loves me some Mark Sheppard, huzzah for raised anticipation!
As I recall, he's not such a bad drummer either.
Shiny. Maybe this time we'll get to see him play an English person, 'cause I think his accent is rather appropriate. (If you think about it, he did not play an Englishman on either Firefly or BSG).
Thanks for that, Polter-Cow. I will now have that stuck in my head for the rest of the evening ;).
Nice to see someone from the old homestead (um, we moved a lot, and I grew up on Muir, Dyton, Caprica and Aerlon.)

And yes, "BadgerBadger" is such a fine, fine earworm, Polter-Cow, that I'm forever in your debt.
Every single time I think there is no way I can get more excited than I already was, every single time I think there's no way the cast and crew for this show can get any cooler, Joss pulls a stunt like this.

It's why I love him.

Excellent news!
I'm still waiting to find out when Jonathan Woodward is going to show up on Dollhouse and get killed.
Very good news!
Oh, I LOVE IT! I think that's the first time I've ever seen the badger badger thing, although I've known for a long time there was something more to badger badger than just, you know, badgers. :D
He is wicked, loved him in Firefly. Couldn't quite get over how bad his Irish accent was in BSG, but he was still good.
I'm still waiting to find out when Jonathan Woodward is going to show up on Dollhouse and get killed.

rufustfyrfly, that is my big Dollhouse question: how will Joss kill JMW this time? I nominate some terrible, painful disease. Or falling off of a tall building. Or a toilet seat from a falling space station hitting his head. Something we haven't seen him experience before.
Yep, he's a wicked, evil character in all Apocalypseseses..damnit, I hate that!
You are evil Polter-Cow... So very evil... I'm gonna have that loop stuck in my head for hours now. Grrrrr... :P

In related news... Yay! :D

And also concerning the killing of Jonathan Woodward, let's go for a classic. I'm gonna have to say anvil.

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2008-08-17 00:01 ]
Ooh! Anvil! I like that idea!
Mark's posted on the forums saying he starts shootin' Monday, which puts him in episode 3 (and onwards?).

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Yay!! Just when I think I can't get any more excited about 'Dollhouse' I hear this great news!! I loved him on Firefly but he was fantastic on BSG. And, frankly, he was the best thing about 'Bionic Woman' too! Too bad there wasn't more of him in that, it might have lasted longer!
Mushrooming with joy! Make no mis-snake about it. (Badger, er, blame Polter-Cow for the onslaught of bad puns.)

I loved Mark on Firefly; I haven't seen him in anything else but am sure that he delivers on the awesomeness. Ooh, mebbe this means that Echo gets to be British? After all, didn't Mark help Summer with the accent? *spins around room in joy; ignores stubbed toe*

As for JMW, I'm thinking...tank of pirhanas. Or a deadly octopus. Decapitation by Goblin Glider? No?
Huzzah! More Mark Sheppard is always a good thing.

And I think Johnathan Woodward should be killed by a family of angry badgers. (Pirhanas and octopi are so last year.) Badgers, though? No one will see it coming.
YAY! Perhaps he will have a very fine hat ;)

I can't wait for this show!
For JMW's inevitable deaths How about a killer teddy bears? No one will ever see it coming. Followed by a miracle resurrection. But that resurrection would be short-lived however, he will be killed by a group of howling mushrooms. Yes, howling mushrooms. They are terrible. :D
Mark's appearances on Medium have all been brilliant. Creepy creepy creepy.
Ah, pihranas and octopi are so 1960s, IMO.

Evil killer teddy bears? Reminds me of a Robot Chicken episode that had a sketch with Cabbage Patch dolls as the premise for season 8 of BtVS. (The episode is in S1 and is called "Plastic Buffet.")

We could just cover JMW with tazmanian devil fetuses (feces? ;) and let momma go to work.

Or we could go back to the classics. After all, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Yes--loved him in Firefly and loved him in BSG. Awesome.

And yeah, JMW should show up, be generally charming and likable and disarming and then be pretty evil (or at least very self-centred) and be killed by a "good guy" main cast member.
Badger! Yay! :)

How about a killer teddy bears?

I think there's supposed to be one of those on Supernatural next season.

[ edited by Braeden Fireheart on 2008-08-17 06:19 ]
Frakkin' great news.
JMW death? I imagine one night that his liver will sneek out of his body and smother him in his sleep. Possibly with onions.
I think there's supposed to be one of those on Supernatural next season.

Wouldn't surprise me, Braeden Fireheart. That definitely sounds like something Ben Edlund would come up with.
I think he should play someone who eats mushrooms and is afraid of snakes :)

[ edited by Shapenew on 2008-08-17 16:18 ]
AlanD, I think you have it.
Good news!

How can we confirm this?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2008-08-17 14:47 ]
Nebula1400, gossi says he got this from Mark Sheppard directly. I'll take gossi's word for it :)
Plus, as it's already been linked to in this thread, Sheppard himself confirmed it on a message board.
Sorry for the lack of observiness. I'm on vacation in the middle of nowhere, where I have to sit in my car outside a building to get an internet signal. I can't plug my laptop in, so I have limited battery time, thus I am doing everything online in haste. I appreciate people reiterating previously posted info for me!
Yay, Mark Sheppard! I do enjoy him on my television set.

Re JMW death, I think the classic (other than an anvil) would be a piano falling on him. He could be a pianist so that would make it ironic, too! ;)
Yay! I'm very excited for Mark! :D

Oo! Re: The death of JMW, what if Echo was assigned to kill him, and she ends up using a piano? Could be funny...
Oh man - you know you haven't watched enough Firefly lately when you think "Another BSG actor!" and it's not immediately followed by (or even preceded by) "Badger in Dollhouse!"

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