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August 16 2008

Yahoo! users top-rated sci-fi films. Serenity makes the list at #30.

It's a strange strange list...

A strange, messed up, rather stupid list. Star Wars #2? No The Thing From Outer Space? And while I've heard great things about Iron Man, no way that deserves #1. Glad Serenity's on the list though.
Well the people have spoken and ummm we must listen.

Deja Vu is in there? That was a really bad movie. X-Men beats X-Men 2? Predator beats Donnie Darko and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Transformers (the most overrated movie of the last 30-or-so years ;)) beats The Empire Strikes Back? There's no '2001: A Space Odessey' or 'Blade Runner'? And Iron Man is the best sci-fi movie of all time? This list qualifies as weird, yes...
I wasn't dissing the posting of said list, Simon, just the weird choices that were on it. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
What an abysmal list that Yahoo! users created. Iron Man number one sci-fi movie of all time? Oh please. It's not even really sci-fi, it's of the superhero genre. Plus Serenity should be higher, and a bunch shouldn't be on the list at all(X-men 3).
Yeah, I was really surprised Blade Runner didn't make the cut. But it was a more or less "public poll" of Yahoo users, which deomographic seems to be sorely lacking in the sci-fi education department. Not that I'm an expert, but I definitely would have put "Forbidden Planet" on the list!
Anything newer is going to rank higher because the webs skew younger. These kids today... ;) It's like IMDb, The Dark Knight is already tied for #1 in grade, it just needs a few more voters to leapfrog The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather, and IMDb even requires registration to vote.
It almost seems like it is an honor to not have made the list in some ways based on the company of other films that didn't make it either.
I think this goes to show that Serenity can make the grade on these kinds of polls without encouragement from well known Joss Whedon community fan blogs. I'd count this as a win win situation. A film that didn't do so well at the box-office and which gets packaged with some really bad films on DVD* has entered the consciousness of the public. So hoorah for Joss and the cast.

*Like this, this, this and this.
Bizarre, truly bizarre. How can a Sci-Fi best-of list be devoid of Bladerunner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, War of the Worlds (1953) and 12 Monkeys?!?
Ouh, 12 monkeys, yes. But yeah, I think Simon is basically correct in his assessment. It's nice to see Serenity pop up in such a rather random list without the aid of us "enthusiasts". It certainly has entered the consciousness, which is good. I want it fondly remembered for a few years to come.

Also, cabri, I don't think high IMDB ratings of recent movies are because of the relatively young web audience, but rather mostly a selection effect based on people who've seen the movie. The first people to see it are also probably the most likely to like it. Later on, people will see TDK who are not necessarily into the genre, have been put off by the hype, etcetera, etcetera and it'll drop from the top spot again. It's the same thing that happened with the LotR-movies a few years back.
Yeah it's nice that 'Serenity' is on there (presumably if it'd been posted on here it'd have been higher) though that's somewhat offset by the list being the biggest bag of bollocks since "Norris McWhirter's Record Breaking Bags of Bollocks" ;).

Apart from the omissions folk have mentioned, the order is just banoonoos. Even less sane than most of these lists.

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