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August 16 2008

Nathan Fillion will be at Dragon Con! He's now listed on their guest list, but it hasn't made the front page yet. (This almost makes up for Adam Baldwin cancelling. Almost.) ETA: He's now on their front page.

I think the burning question is, 'Will he wear the skirt to match the purse he debuted at ComicCon?'
He's on the front page now. Woo!
Wow, I am so excited! I was disappointed when he was supposed to be there a couple years ago and he couldn't go, and I was pretty upset that Erica Durance canceled this year, but now that Nathan is going... woo!
and again I am not

gggrrrr arrggghhh
Nathan had a purse at ComicCon? Color me intrigued.
YAY! I was so disappointed when Adam cancelled (again), but this is great!
Nathan had a purse at ComicCon? Color me intrigued.

Well, no, not really. He had a really nice leather Messenger Bag. Someone said that he said it was a gift from someone. Really nice bag, though.

I think last time he went to DragonCon, he wore a leather kilt, and I was just wondering if he was going to wear the Messenger Bag with the kilt this time around.

Never mind. There's probably too much chlorine in the kiddie pool today.
Or not enough.
So happy to live in Atlanta =)
Oh yes, I've seen Nathan in a kilt (well, in a photo) ... um, where was I? I thought the purse was a Dr. Horrible panel in-joke or something like that. Yeah, Atlanta. Very far away. Hope everyone who goes has a blast.
AHHHHH! I can get him to sign my Firefly print from David Palmer!

Fantastic news!

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I was in quite the funk b/c Katee Sackhoff had canceled...after almost choking to death on Diet Coke (internet news and soda do not mix), I'm flying high on the happy with the Nathan news. Adam? Very sad, but, I'd been warned he often cancels. So, that one I saw coming. Happy they are working--sad we are missing them.
Figures. The one frakin' year I can't go to D*C. I now feel like fate's beeyotch.
*raises hand* Who here's going to D*C?
I'm so excited!!! This totally makes up for Katee Sackoff and Jamie Bamber cancelling.
Sweet! I finally get to meet the Captain! (Reynolds or Hammer, whichever). Now I just need to get Joss to come to Dragon*Con again when I am there...
Wow. I didn't know Katee Sackoff and Adam Baldwin cancelled. (sp?)

Guess my autograph money reserved for them will now go to my favourite CAPTAIN!

I love that calling Nathan 'Captain' works as both a fan of Serenifly and Dr. Horrible. :)

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