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August 17 2008

NPH to guest on Live with Regis and Kelly today alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Avril Lavigne and Eric Dane.

Good stuff.
According to the TiVo schedule it looks as though the guests are repeat segments this week - interviews from previous visits to the R&K studios. Not sure when Neil's is from, though probably pre-Dr Horrible (it's listed as him coming to talk about HIMYM), but still should be new to a lot of people here!
That will be a shame, if it's pre Dr Horrible. But as you say, lots of new fans to watch it anyway - and Neil's interviews are always entertaining.
Is he guesting or guest *hosting*? He's one of the favs to stand in when Reg is on vacation...
He's just an actual guest this time, from what I can tell - the four guests are all listed as "repeat segment" and Regis and Kelly have (usually, when that happens) pre-recorded their host chat sections to link the repeat guest segments together.

The last time he was a guest was April 21st, maybe it's that one.
I TiFauxed it...does anyone want to weigh in as to whether it's worth watching or not (normally I'd just watch, but I am hellishly what am I doing here!?!)?
FYI, he's scheduled for Letterman on 8/27
I only saw the intro... not the actual interview. Did I miss it? Is it on yet?

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