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August 18 2008

Vote for Buffy to be shown at the Emmy Awards. To mark the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, the powers that be have decided to let the public vote for tv's most memorable moments and show the winners during the award ceremony. Buffy jumping to her death in 'The Gift' gets nominated in the drama category.

More details can be found here.

Hm I think they should have cut a few seconds later so that "the hardest thing in this world is to live in it" could have been in it.
I have to admit, I was never such a fan of Buffy's little speech to Dawn, especially "the hardest thing in this world is to live in it." I loved that finale and thought it was so beautifully done, but the extra-cheese-topping of the voice-over was a bit heavy-handed, it always seemed to me. That leap, though--ooh, one of my all-time favorite Buffy moments.
I can't view the vid right now (will do so when I get back home), so I really hope the others are shown, because really, the thing that made me ache was their expressions as they see her dead. Especially Spike... just a couple more seconds of him weeping would've had me balling (damn, Mr. Marsters does hurt so well)

If ever we needed to flex our fandomy muscles and use our voting power for good, I think this is a good place. Not that I give the Emmys much cred, but a lot of people do … and this could be our way of saying “See, Buffy was too awesome to have fallen through the Emmy cracks that many times” but, maybe less bitterness and more pride ;)
Just saw it. Just voted (several times). I only wish they could have included more of the clip, but I think there's probably a time limit. When I first saw the episode, I was absolutely stunned (literally in a state of shock) when Buffy jumped. I wasn't expecting that. But I didn't start crying until I read the headstone. "She saved the world a lot." (Tear) Still gets to me.

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, so I really hope the others are shown

Alas no. It's Buffy and Dawn on top of the tower. But Sarah nails that scene and I'm going to rewatch that episode so it's all good really.
That music gives me chills every time.
I get choked up just listening to the suite that's included on the OMWF soundtrack, myself. Going to vote now.
The look of resolute serenity on Buffy's face when she realizes that a slayer isn't just another killer, andd that HER death is her gift is trancendently gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
Chris in Virginia, I just teared up reading your post.
Just the first couple notes of that music and I already get chills. I realize there probably is a time limit on the clip but I wish they could have kept in the gang's reaction (I'm another one of the Spike fall = weep crowd) and the shot of Buffy's headstone. I think that was always such a perfect embodiment of the show: that you could have extreme darkness and pain, but then there's this nagging sense of humor that still shows through. "She saved the world a lot."
Also, EW reports on another segment at the Emmy Awards -- TV's most memorable lines of dialogue -- and encourages readers to submit their suggestions. Which classic TV lines should the Emmys honor?

How nice that the TV Academy, marking a television season that was truncated while producers spent months deciding whether or not they wanted to pay writers, is honoring memorable lines of TV dialogue at this year's Emmy ceremony. According to the Hollywood Reporter, various TV personalities will be reciting classic phrases, along the lines of "Good night, John Boy," or "Live long and prosper." Let's hope the list of lines is not etched in stone yet, since I'm sure we all have plenty of suggestions for which lines they should honor...

Click here to go to the site. I know I could think of a few (dozen) choice Buffy lines to suggest...
Yeah, but people should vote on the same line, otherwise it won't quite work, probably floofypooh.

As for this clip, I'm with Mirage. The reaction shots to her death were much more powerfull than the jump itself. And while Sarah's performance is quite good on the top of that tower, it's far from the best single Buffyverse scene ever. I could name a couple of scenes from - let's say - The Body (and a few others) that would've been better picks. Still, it's good to see Buffy get some Emmy recognition (and, btw, where's a multiple Emmy-winner like The West Wing in this poll?) and it's a good way to channel our fandom voting powers ;).
As much as that scene is wonderful, it's a little hard to vote against Roots' "Behold, the only thing greater than yourself" moment.
GVH I think one of the hardest scenes to watch in "The Body" is the first one, when she comes home and sees Joyce on the couch. The way her face just...goes blank and she says, "Mom? Mom? Mommy?" and then her face crumbles...

Or when Giles gets there and she rushes in to tell him not to touch "the body"...oh, guh!

But, without having seen the clip, I agree with everyone else - the reactions of the Scoobies is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of that episode. Especially since Tara is finally back with Willow and they were all celebrating, in a way, that Glory had been defeated. (Did anyone else see Giles suffocate Ben, or were they all busy fighting the brainsucked and monks?)

I mean, here's your hero, your Slayer, your best friend, having sacrificed herself to save her sister, your lives, and the entire world, lying there broken right after you all sent a hell-goddess to hell...


But in a good way.
I could vote for almost ALL of those dramatic moments. And though I honestly don't feel that the Buffy moment chosen is the best Buffy moment there is... well, once a fangurl, always a fangurl (sorry, Dave and Maddie. ;-)!
The look of resolute serenity on Buffy's face when she realizes that a slayer isn't just another killer, andd that HER death is her gift is trancendently gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Yeah, well said. Truly one of the most moving and dramatic moments on tv.

Of course there is that scene where Faith fights the Vulcan, too.
The list of nominees is staggering, and they'd be smart to choose the best five and show them on the telecast.
I agree, I would have preferred to see "The Body" on this list, I think it would garner more votes from non-whedonesquers, but beggers can't be choosers. I'm more than thrilled to have Buffy just make the list!!!
Voted for Buffy, of course. One of the most profound and heartbreaking moments I've ever seen. It's not my favorite moment of the show either, but it's one of them. (My favorite might be Anya's devastating speech in "The Body.")

And why do they have the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the first American Idol finale in comedy? I guess they're just lumping variety shows in there too? Anyway, I voted for the Beatles, natch.
The list of nominees is staggering

Really is. And it's tremendous recognition for the show. I've got a feeling this may well be the most important poll ever posted at Whedonesque.

And why do they have the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the first American Idol finale in comedy?

I wondered that too.
my key for voting: just don't even consider what else is on the list. i mean, seriously... i know i'm biased, but i'm all Buffy all the time.

also... crazy they picked anything from Buffy! but also awesome. yeah, The Body might have been more dramatic... actually, this makes me want to watch Season 5 over again. (luckily even though ALL MY BUFFY DVDS got stolen, i manged to have Seasons 5 and 6 kept OUT of the basement they were stolen from.)
Don't have time to read the posts right now, but this is a very, very pleasant topic to see hit the front page. After all the years that Buffy was barely acknowledged by the Emmy's, now there is a chance, should it be selected, to show in a scene at least partially why it was so special (still is and ever will be). My mouse-clicking finger is SO ready to vote!
And why do they have the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and the first American Idol finale in comedy?

It's probably technically considered "comedy/variety".
Truth of the matter, that was a heartbreaking final and one Joss should be remembered.
I'm not able to view the nominated clips. Whenever I click on the link, it take me back right where I started. I tried in Firefox and Safari.
Also, "Abyssiynia, Henry" from "M*A*S*H" should really be nominated in the drama category. Maybe the best moment in one of the best sitcoms in history, but it's definitely not with the funny. I've seen about half of the comedy ones and loved many (the Beatles visit, Sammy on "All in the Family," "Chuckles" from "Mary Tyler Moore," "The Contest," "Trapped in the Closet," "Job Switching") but ended up going with the "M*A*S*H" anyway--favourite moment, if not favourite comedy one. ("Job Switching" and the Beatles were close.)

But yeah, voted for "The Gift." I actually (I've been meaning to get to "Roots" and "The Sopranos," I swear) haven't seen many of the drama ones. I was surprised to see "Lost" on there (good scene, but not, you know, instaclassic), and "To Serve Man" is a good episode but lack the dramatic flair of other "Twilight Zone" episodes ("It's a Good Life" would be my pick--in part because it doesn't rely on a twist to get its chills). But yeah, "City on the Edge of Forever"? Definitely a contender.
Well, some people think American Idol is comedy. That may explain it. Otherwise, there should be a "variety" category.
While the moment of Buffy's death was moving, I think the most dramatic moment in the series and one that it is remembered for is when Buffy drives the sword through newly souled Angel and sends him to hell. Just the whole "close your eyes" and the shock on his face, and her tears... ugh it gets me right where I live. The moment in the Gift was sad but somehow uplifting, but that moment with Angel was just devastating and perfect.

But they didn't put that in there so I voted for the Gift.
"To Serve Man" was an option. So I voted that and Buffy.
I cried my eyes out with that scene when I first saw it. Makes sense to be on that list, but like others, The Body would have been my first choice for most memorable tv moments. Still sends chills to my spines when I hear Buffy calling out for her mommy.. It brought back the H in Horror.
I voted Buffy in the Drama section, no hesitation.

Comedy was harder -- yes, the M*A*S*H ep was great, but hardly funny. The last Newhart and the Carol Burnett GWTW bit were also memorable.
I voted for the Buffy moment, I haven't seen that episode in close to two years, but that clip still gives me chills.

Heck, the fact that it made the top 20 dramatic moments is an honor in itself.
I was watching the last disk of season 5 on DVD at about one in the morning when The Gift started. I decided I would watch the season finale and then go to bed...2am is late enough, right? I'm sure you already know where this is going, I finished The Gift at about 2am. Needless to say, it was a shock. And then I ripped open season 6 only to find out that the opening episode for season 6 was a 2 parter. I made it to bed around 4am. GrrrArrrrg.

Voted for ER. Just kidding, Buffy all the way!
Wow, the nominees for drama are pretty stellar. As much as I love Buffy, I had to give my vote to Roots. But really, it is fantastic to see Buffy listed with such stellar shows, and moments. Though, Grey's Anatomy I could do without. I mean really. Really? Blech.
You have to remember though if you didn't watch the show that entire clip has very limited impact on most people. Aside from having no clue about the back story of what is going on, there is no connection to the characters like those who watched five full seasons would have.
So go vote cause the only people who will are the people who already know how good Buffy really is.
Still sends chills to my spines when I hear Buffy calling out for her mommy...

It's interesting I think that that actually wasn't in "The Body", the (utterly heartbreaking) "Mommy ?" line was at the end of the previous episode (it's just repeated at the start of "The Body", sort of a variant of "Previously on..."). I had it mentally slotted in there for years too but it only semi-belongs.

Buffy's sacrifice in 'The Gift' is as good a single scene as any I reckon, it's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" so i'm not surprised they didn't have Anya from 'The Body' in there (even though I find that even more emotive myself - 'The Body' isn't one I re-watch too often, it's just too powerful but when I do I usually at least tear up at that point, assuming i've managed to avoid sobbing like a baby up to then ;). My only complaint is the precise timing of the clip, they needed to give it a bit longer just for Beck's truly magnificent score to hit its beats (not sure he ever did better work than 'Sacrifice', and that's saying something given the rest of it). And I hate to say it but it's also not the best lit outdoor scene ever, looks quite stagey and that might fool people into thinking it's not actually an amazingly beautiful moment from one helluva show.

Not seen a lot of the comedies so I went with MASH (despite that, as others have said, being a very uncomedic moment, it still shows what MASH was all about).
I picked Buffy, didn't see most of those dramatic moments and the ones I did see I didn't think were that memorable.

On comedy, if you haven't seen the "Went with the Wind!" skit from The Carol Burnett Show, check out the two parter on youtube, highly recommended. :)
Served my fandom. Voted for Buffy.

I miss MASH.
I just now read the lists and voted. The scene from "The Wish" really was one of the most dramatic I've seen, so good pick there, but their X-Files scene is terrible. That show had much better dramatic moments.
Tough call; altho admittedly most of the ones I thought could also be winners (ROots, Jane Pitman, City on the Edge of Forever) are things I'ven't seen yet. But choosing, for Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man," okay, maybe I'm judging wrongly, I realize it's "most dramatic moment," not "best dramatic epsiode," but I rank that particular (bleah) half hour so far down that I couldn't even vote for a single scene of it.
Voted for Buffy (of course). Though I was slightly perturbed by their choice for I Love Lucy in the comedy category. I would have substituted the Vitameatavegamin girl episode for the job switching one.
Roots while wonderful, has had its day in the sun. It, along with every show in the drama category to some degree, has been lauded, feted, tinkled on, taken out for steak dinners and fine wine for years, and Buffy was the proverbial wallflower who was never asked to dance. It got up and clogged three times in the corner by itself: ... over seven years, only two technical awards for makeup and music. It infuriated me, year after year.

There will be five shows picked from each category and this is one time I don't mind stuffing the ballot box a little.
I Southparked the comedy choice - but was surprised not to see a Simpsons clip - unless I somehow missed it?

I saw this article yesterday from the Boston Globe, but didn't link to it for a number of reasons, which included 1) We all know Joss should've gotten an Emmy but 2) I don't care that much about award shows, myself and 3) the article was typographically-challenged, but as long as we're talking about the Emmy's Shameful Neglect of the Jossir, well, then.
My comedy pick was South Park as well.
Chuckles. Funniest moment on TV ever. End of story.
Yeah, I'm not wedded to award show outcomes much anymore, although of course I'm tickled as all get out when someone I believe should win, does win. And then they get up and give an acceptance speech that is mostly about someone else, in a spirit of generosity that is rarely seen, like this lovely gentleman did:

Daniel Day-Lewis praises Heath Ledger

That's why I want the Buffy scene to be shown. Because the spirit of generosity was sorely lacking and not extended to "that vampire show," one that was many heads above others in quality, emotional content, dramatic sharpness, gorgeous writing, and in its generosity to us, the audience. How many moving scenes did we get to experience, that as Day-Lewis says in his speech, moved us as much as Ennis in the trailer did him? I just want it acknowledged that Buffy existed and is a poor cousin to no one.

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Oh, I hear you, Tonya - I may not care about the award shows that much, but if they matter to the people involved, and my peeps are in 'em - and if it affects their careers in a good way - I want them all nominated and winning and honored and all that. (I just can't help but love NPH for being more excited about Doc Horrible hitting online than getting his nomination.)

Also, perversely, I'm kinda like I am about weddings - I don't wanna go, probably, but goddamit, they better invite me. ; >
"The Body" is a killer with Buffy's silence and Anya's speech, it would make a Vulcan cry.
Having experienced something similar myself, Sarah's performance is very hard to watch because it's too real.
But I guess it's not so DRAMAtic as "The Gift".

P.S: "Chuckles" on MTM, enough said!
Voted, my fave dramatic momement would have been Buffy killing Angel too. Puts a real lump in my throat, reminds me I do have feelings...
I got to see the clip (finally) and it just ended too soon! I forgot that it was a clip for a moment there and when it was over, I was like “Wait, there’s still more!!”

On a side note, if Gray’s Anatomy was “worthy” enough to be put next to such an amazing list of drama scenes, then I think that House MD's season four ending should have been there. Robert Sean Leonard broke me! I’m still on edge for next season to start so I can start healing with them *sniff* Come to think of it, I can’t believe the Emmys passed on Robert Sean Leonard! Wait… no, yes, yes I can. *sigh*

I'm thinking of what Buffy line to give for the link floofypooh gave us, but I'm coming up with a blank due to the mass of information that wants to come out. How can one choose!

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I'm thinking of what Buffy line to give for the link floofypooh gave us, but I'm coming up with a blank due to the mass of information that wants to come out. How can one choose!
Mirage | August 19, 13:22 CET

Me too. I started thinking about it and my head almost exploded. ;-)

A lot of people are writing in entire scenes, but my impression is that they want something really brief, such as the examples "Good night, John Boy" (eeew) or "Live long and prosper". (In which case, I'd have to seriously consider South Park's "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!") :)

It's really hard with great BtS lines, unless you're a hard-core fan, because so much is about context.
Great lines from BtVS are so ingrained in the story that they are hard to pull out of context, and Joss does not seem to be into repeating lines ad infinitum...although Spike's "Bloody hell!" would probably fit. The one that occurred to me still was dialog rather than a single line.

Giles: It is the end of the world.

Everybody: Again?

There were a lot more comedy moments that I thought were good choices than dramatic. I was glad to see Murphy Brown in there, though I guess it would need context to really get the full impact. Is it sad that I have seen so many of these?
I get how the people that posted Buffy lines did most of the conversation/dialog - sadly, while many one-liners are amazing, they do at time get lost in non-whedon translation.

I found myself reading through the quotes proposed - and now I'm itching to rewatch the shows again!

newcj, Faith's "five by five" comes to mind :)

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