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August 18 2008

Will Conrad Original Serenity Art for Sale. This time from the recent Serenity MySpace Dark Horse Presents online comic. ETA - Will Conrad Art, Will's new website, is now online.

Eight pages of shiny shiny 'verse artwork. Here today, gone in just over five days from this posting.

Surely the panels where they had him draw Serenity shooting down Reaver ships despite being a weaponless ship will be collector's items. ;)

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One suspects ;).
Page 8 seems pretty collector-worthy.
Oh I think they are all beautiful, and iconic... I would like to have #7 (with the ship dominating the bottom frame) but it is already a little expensive for me. Yeah, #6, #7, or #8 (the ones w/Serenity) are my favorites! Six is so great because Zoe looks so happy to see Wash coming to the rescue!

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In case anyone is reading this still. I am the proud winner of Page 8. Couldn't pass up what may be the last page Will does for Serenity comics. Plus, it's a pretty page.
Huh. Unless my eBay reading skills have declined page six did not sell. It's the one I mentioned above.

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