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August 18 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD: Behind the scenes. Summer. Mirrored Shades. Homage to T2. And cast pics for the new season can be found over at Grrl TV.

This is a DVD set that might just end up on my shelf. I'm trying to cut down on clutter, but I like this show. I know some don't, and probably for the reasons I do. I like the quiet moments in it. Good stuff, IMO.
This show is my first Blu-ray purchase. I don't even have the player yet.
I'll be picking this up.I'm a fan of the Terminator series.I even enjoyed T3 and I'm looking forward to next summer's T4.I thought the first season of this series was pretty good especially considering how the writers strike affected things.I'll be watching season 2 as well.
If you wait until the end of the clip, there are suggestions of other DVD clips. Clicking on Stargate Continuem brings up interviews with the cast with Jewel Staite towards the end. She gets the question of comparing the creator of Stargate to Joss.
I've add ProgGrrl's news to the entry. Keeps everything together nicely.
Yeah, saw that Jewel interview. Puzzled me at first cos she's not in Continuum (before any die-hard fans run out and buy it just for her ;) but it's actually just a general set of 'Stargate' interviews. Diplomatic answer to a question that was, indeed, "evil" ;).

ETA: And I loved the T2 bit(s) in T:TSCC, the size of the sunglasses actually worked very well IMO (even if it sounds like it was just a happy accident), it highlights the point that Cameron may look cute in clothes that are kind of too big for her but she's still a Terminator when all's said and done.

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I can't wait for Season 2. The promo shots are nice. They're all so grown up. One month left?
3 weeks, korkster.
Thanks for counting. ;)

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