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August 18 2008

MySpace Dark Horse Presents TPB Vol. 1 Comes Out Wednesday. According to Diamond Previews. This includes all three parts of Sugarshock.

I thought that this wasn't coming out for another month.

Also coming out: Angel: After the Fall #10 (Comic-Con Previews Exclusive Variant Cover), Serenity 2008 Patch Set, and Serenity Collages 2008 Photo Set.

Cool, thanks! I need to add this to the list. :)
The patch set is already out. I had thought the photo set was too, but it's showing as not available there.
Wait, I thought that MSDHP wasn't due until September? That's what Amazon (where it's been preordered for 3 months or so) said. So confused--but excited if it's out early!

It could be just Viking tricks. They're known to do that. (That whole funeral thing they do? Yup. Plus, Valhallah is actually really similar to the Flying Spaghetti Monster's heaven.
I feel kinda bad, I got Sugarshock for free online, enjoyed it, but didn't pre-order this the way I do nearly every other Joss comic. I'll be buying Dr. Horrible the day of its release no question (or pre-ordering), but I just don't feel the need to own Sugarshock yet. Is it still online ? A friend of mine wants to read it, but if it's not online then at least she can check out the Dark Horse Presents TPB.

Do we know if the Captain Hammer comic is gonna see print soon too ? Either on its own, along with other Dr. Horrible comics, or in another Dark Horse Presents collection ?

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