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August 19 2008

David Boreanaz wishes the FBI a Happy 100th Anniversary. Video - Happy Anniversary and thanks to the FBI from me as well.

[ edited by resa on 2008-08-19 02:24 ]

Cool. I like the FBI. It's the CIA that hides the aliens from me. I am 90% joking.
That was a great find! Perfect for my paper. Thanks, resa. :)
glad to be of service korkster :). What kind of paper are you doing???
Eh, there's several that are due this week. One on the history of a law enforcement agency (of my choice), one on my desired career path, an interview, and some other boring ones. I think this might work towards the paper on how the FBI's vision affects television... in almost a positive light. Well, much more positive than it used to be. And the aftermath of 9/11 has helped a lot with that.

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