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August 18 2008

Dexter Season 2 , with our favourite sire is out today the 19th.

Best Buy Canada also has special "blood red" covers in stores (maybe USA too?)

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The best show on TV until Dollhouse comes out!
Julie Benz was very funny on The Soup the other night talking about Dexter.
That was a pretty funny clip, thanks, embers. I just finished reading the second book, so now I'm looking forward to the next season!
The best show on TV that you aren't watching (after How I Met Your Mother). I love Julie Benz in Dexter.
Dexter is extremely awesome. My second favorite show on TV right now, after Galactica. I have to convince my suite mate to watch it. He thinks it'll be gimmicky. Hopefully he'll see the light.
The best show on TV until Dollhouse comes out!

It sure is. A lot of people are buzzing about Mad Men right now, which I also love, but Dexter takes the cake. It's even better than Battlestar, I have to admit. I can't wait for the new season. Soon, very soon!
Yep, brilliant show, layered performances, great writing, moral ambiguity by the barrel-load and it asks the big questions but oh so lightly. Must admit though, I wouldn't hate it if the DVD extras were a bit better, they're sparse on the season 1 set and seemingly even sparser on this one (unless you're a fan of the other shows being advertised included).
Good to see all the Dexter love. It currently is my favourite show on the air too. Took me some time too get into it, first time around I turned it off after the first 4-5 minutes for being to gruesome, but luckely my brother recently forced me to watch it. Took me another 5 minutes to get hooked and then I watched the whole first two seasons in one week. The writing isn't always very believable (how convenient the evil shrink is taping his condeming sessions) but it is very interesting, which is way more important in my book. Also, acting is always top notch.

Repeats are on all the time here, so I'm not so interested in a mostly extras free DVD set. But I can't wait for season 3.
Haven't seen Season 2 yet (can't afford Showtime). BUT, it is one of the best shows out there. Can't wait to buy Season 2! Can't wait to afford to watch Season 3! :)

That was hilarious, embers. Thanks for sharing.
Everyone who's about to get into Season 2 via the DVDs this week is in for an amazing ride.

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