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August 18 2008

Alan Tudyk joins DragonCon guest list! Yet another Firefly guest has appeared on the DragonCon guest list!

Someone ask him about his forthcoming appearance on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.
!!! He's going to be on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show? Oh my god I'm giddy. (That show just fills me with pure unadulterated joy. At least I think it's joy? It could be confusion masquerading as joy.)
Okay...GIDDY now. *flops about in giddiness*
Someone ask him about his forthcoming appearance on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.

Anything in particular??? I make no promises 'cause I'll only stand in line for so long, but if the lines not horrible I'll ask for you.
Sweet. Alan and Nathan together on the panel should be a recipe for hilarity! He was great the last time he was there (especially reading / editing the eulogy for Wash).
Yea! Wish I were going! After watching Alan interview Nathan, I'm convinced that these two are so much fun to watch. It's like they're fighting for the King of Cheese crown (which is just a piece of cheese on your head, like this.

Lucky lucky few who are going! Take videos! :)
It's weird. This weekend, I was telling one of my friends how DragonCon's guest list has been less than stellar, especially with all the cancellations.

Now, both Alan & Nathan are going! Can't wait to hang out with some Browncoats next weekend!!!
I'll be there with bells on....
Ok, this news is the straw that just broke my back. Alan and Nathan together?? *swoon* I just bought my tickets and booked my flight and hotel.

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