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August 18 2008

(SPOILER) Anthony Head on his "Genetic Opera". Sir Watcher himself talks with Fangoria's Chris Alexander about his role as the singing, slashing and organ-snatching Repo Man.

That was a bit...strange. Like being in the room with Chris and listening to Tony on a speaker phone.

I'm not sure how long the interview clip really is - dial-up is so special - but what I did hear actually is starting to sway me in favor of seeing the movie. (I might have to resign my position as Founder of W.ASH, but...Tony alone, singing, wasn't nearly enough incentive to see this.)

I do think, however, this post should be spoiler alerted, because Tony does mention a major plot point fairly early on in the interview. Yes, Chris does say that in his summary, but some folks might skim that & just click the clicky thingy.
Thanks for the heads-up ShadowQuest, I still hadn't decided to see this or not (the thought of Paris Hilton is horror enough) but I appreciate not knowing what'd happen in case I do finally see it (perhaps as retaliation for ASH giving the word "underused" a whole new meaning in Sweeney Todd).
Mirage No prob. It's kinda fun listening to it, but I wouldn't have known it was Tony if the interviewer hadn't said - he just didn't sound himself. No doubt because of the way the interview was conducted, recorded & uploaded.

But there actually is a plot to the movie, more than gore and singing and really weird outfits. So...I'm leaning more towards wanting to see it now. And, since Tony is Repo, pretty safe bet he'll feature rather heavily in the film. :-)
Yeah, without ASH, the movie wouldn't survive. From what I've seen in clips, I'll watch it for his performance.

Hm, shorter than what I thought it was going to be.
Well, after hearing what he just said about Repo!, I'm more intrigued about it than ever. I still have that CD sampler, and listen to it sometimes, but I will see it if it comes to Sacramento in November.
And I think Paris Hilton will be OK, if she had to convince the director she was right for the part.

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