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August 18 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's Cover for Angel #14. We've seen Nick Runge's beautiful cover for the fourteenth issue of "Angel: After the Fall," and now we get Garner's.

Major, major spoilers for the future of a certain character.

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Also, a mod at the IDW Forum posted the blurb. Don't know where the real link is, but I'm guessing it's listed with the cover. I'm just not savvy enough to find it. Here's the copy/paste.

Angel: After the Fall #14
Joss Whedon & Brian Lynch (plot) • Brian Lynch (w) • Stephen Mooney (a) • Nick Runge, Alex Garner (c)
The truth has been revealed. Master plans are on the table. People are dying. And evil is winning. The forces of good take their last stand, but with certain death surrounding them, they’re going to have to do the unthinkable to win the day. The official continuation of the Angel series presses on in explosive fashion, courtesy of Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, and Stephen Mooney.
Using my amazing detective skills, I have figured out what the "unthinkable" is. They are going to bring out Illyria's true form!

I am like the next Veronica Mars, but not really.
cannedlucidity beat me to that deduction! Damn your analytical pseudo-VM mind! *shurg* Ah, at least I have my new wallpaper right here all dark and pretty. Hmm, I wonder if it would bother the people at work if I make it my screen background…

And hey, Angel is all normal looking again - except for the painful ughhh expression which really you'd expect from being squeezed by the tentacle of a "supposedly" freed Illyria *hopeful cough*with Fred watching from the sidelines*hopeful cough*. Me thinks "she" is a tad upset ;)

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Finally, some covers that do Angel justice.
That cover looks great.So it looks like Illyria is going to be freed from her/its human shell.
The unthinkable is not what everyone thinks. That's why it's unthinkable!

As for the the "grave" one, it's kinda symbolic.
Ah it's a metaphor for The WB squeezing Angel during its fifth season.
The cover may be symbolic, but it's beautiful :)
It is very pretty. And thanks for finding the linkage to the potential Illyria-ness of the tentacle thing. It's mouth(?) kind of looks like a Venus fly-trap.

Hmmm... symbolic... symbolic... Oh! I know! It represents Angel's frustration with not understanding women! :) Illyria wasn't the connection I deduced when I first looked at it.
Gracious, that certainly is something.
The unthinkable is not what everyone thinks.
Huh. Here goes my theory - I too thought it was Illyria. :) Also it logically flows from Garner's cover to #13 - with Illyria being fractured and falling to pieces.
Maybe it's still Illyria in Fred's body, but this picture is symbolic of her inner power being unleashed? We'll see.

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Well, I'm intrigued.
Brian, trying mess up our brains eh? Okay, perhaps it is Illyria (sticking to Lady Blue out-of-shell-body theory ;) but it is not what we're thinking... maybe her powers are getting out of hand and are squeezing the life out of Angel (metaphorically speaking) or perhaps it is what we thought and you're trying to make us NOT think that. Aha! *blink* I've confused myself...

Um. Does it have something to do with the world with only shrimp? *ogles her now background for inspiration* Something to do with Angel having to deal with an inner demon – not his mind you, but Fred/Illyria’s? *desperate* Oooh… does it have something to do with how our man Angel would once again be our vamp Angel? How about… nah, I’ve got nothing.

If it is "unthinkable" then how come you thunk it Mr. B... hah! *getting frustrated* I like symbolism when I can figure it out... but if it’s all big and ugly in a really hurtful and pretty way, damn it, I want it to be real.

Brian you are one cruel man to have us wait so long with mere "kinda symbolic" awesome artwork to tease us. Cruel!
*laughs at Mirage*
glad it's (probably?) not Illyria coming to form. i like the Fred/Illyia confusion... or... whatever you'd call it...

also, an amazing cover! pretty much awesome. maybe even my favorite from the set so-far!

Angel might almost be more exciting than Buffy in comic form at the moment... only because i'm VERY intrigued about the Fred/Illyira situation. :D
Symbolism? My guess about the cover is:
Angel is in W&H's hands. It's their tentacle crushing him.

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