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August 19 2008

Opening date set for "Cabin in the Woods"? apparently is on the inside track as to when Drew Goddard's directorial debut will be hitting theaters (i.e. October 23, 2009).

Side Note: I can't say I'm not disappointed to see the film being listed as a full-blown comedy besides horror.

I don't think we should draw too much from that piece of info. It might just mean it's got comedy elements in it for all we know.
I think it might just be a placeholder date by the site.
Surely Comedy/Fantasy/Horror would throw it into the same pool as the Evil Dead films? Which would be a good thing?

I'm also willing to bet they're guessing at genres, but still.
Pretty sure Joss has mentioned it'll have the funny previously (and with him I think that's like saying "It'll have words" anyway ;) though 'fantasy' may just be guesswork/covering bases. But you can have comedy and horror without being in the same slapstick mold as the Evil Dead films (not that there's anything wrong with that mold).

The release date is curiously precise if that's just a guess though (course, even if it's confirmed it'll very possibly change in the meantime).
It does set it up nicely for the Halloween box office weekend the week after. Could be the perfect date movie for teenagers looking for a fun scare.
It's opening against the remake of The Blob.
Good point (though not smack on it, maybe there's something big out on the Halloween w/end ?).

ETA: this was more to Simon.

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MGM have registered
Cool, now it feels real ;).
Yeah but my two sites are online and have content. Take that, MGM!
What, no links, b!X? I'm taken aback.
He's slipping, cabri. Maybe he's not the onetruebix. I think this is the onefalsebix.
There is more than one false b!X. Joss beat up a bunch of them once.
They're in my profile, so I didn't see the need to dupe them here.
If it does come out on this date, I will drop whatever I am doing (most likely shooting a film) and see it.
It does set it up nicely for the Halloween box office weekend the week after. Could be the perfect date movie for teenagers looking for a fun scare.

Except the sixth installment of a certain torture porn franchise will almost certainly be coming out on Halloween weekend...
Since I'm i no way, shape or form a fan of campy/funny horror roughly 99.9% of the time, if "Cabin" turns out to be anything close to the tone of the "Evil Dead" franchise (although, more so due to the sequels than the original) I will be disappointed.

That's just me.
Although if it turns out to be close to the tone of "Shaun of the Dead" I will be delighted!
I hope its tone is close to that of Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods.
Since "Shaun of the Dead" is entirely a parody/satire besides a comedy before horror (at least in my little ol' opinion), I (again) would be massively disappointed.

I like "Shaun of the Dead," don't get me wrong, but that's because I see it hardly as a horror film and more or less a straight-on comedy spoof.
Well, horror-comedies are generally my favorite kind of horror. But knowing Joss and Drew, I think this will be seriously fucking scary yet laced with their trademark humor. Kind of how all of their collaborations work out.
I like "Shaun of the Dead," don't get me wrong, but that's because I see it hardly as a horror film and more or less a straight-on comedy spoof.

Oh 'Shaun ...' is by no means a spoof IMO, unlike a spoof it uses horror tropes without deriding them, the comedy comes from the setting and the characters, not from spoofing the genre (in the way that e.g. 'Airplane' clearly spoofs 70s disaster movies) - it actually comes from taking the horror totally seriously i.e. treating it as if it was happening in the real world (or that little part of it that some of us call dear old Blighty and the ones that aren't Biggles call Britain or the UK ;).
Shaun of the Dead is more real horror than most horror movies. Plus, funny. I would dearly love Cabin to combine those two elements as well as Shaun did.
Arrow in the Head reports the same date. It says "Source: MGM" on it, but it's unclear to me whether that's because they heard it from MGM or because they assume that's where the info came from.
Fandango agrees it's October 23, 2009.

ETA: Does anyone industry pay attention to things like how many people favorite a movie on Fandango?

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I doubt it but I bet things like its reception at horror conventions are watched. Thing is though, horror movies are generally so cheap (and therefore profitable when even moderately successful) that i'd imagine studios are a bit more relaxed about tracking/generating buzz etc.

Trouble with t'interwebs is, it's bloody hard to tell whether information is got by carefully checked research through official channels or whether someone just saw it on and parroted it.
Parroting was my initial thought with all the other news sites. I am making the assumption that Fandango, on the other hand, actually does get their information from the studios.

I am open to being corrected on that count. Especially since the press contacts on the original MGM release about Cabin refuse to answer my emails.
Variety seems to think it's part of MGM's slate for 2010, not 2009.

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