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August 19 2008

TheDigitalBits shows off a very blue Blu-Ray cover art for Firefly. Available to pre-order at

That's a nice cover. Simple, but nice.
It's the same image, just with things moved around. And they're STILL using the out-dated early Serenity model that caused much confusion before. I've seen that exact image of Serenity used so many places.

At least there's no llamas.
This is the final cover. I like it.
Firefly Reunion: Lunch with Joss, Nathan, Alan and Ron

I'd have thought more would've jumped at the chance for lunch with Joss. Could do wonders for your career. Although Alan and Ron might disagree...
I don't hate the cover, but I don't love it, hope it looks better actual size. Lunch with Joss sounds cool (maybe inspired by Dinner for Five?).

As usual, I can't let go of the price. Compared to other TV releases, it's way out of whack (when you look at the price per disc). I've been worried that we're specifically being milked for our fandom, but I did find the Prison Break Blu-Ray is similarly overpriced, so it looks like it's a 20th Century Fox thing. (Again, Fox the studio a.k.a. 20th, not Fox the network. Warners productionThe Sarah Connor Chronicles is well priced.)

Not sure what that's about, the 20th Fox pricing thing. I would think the market will correct that eventually. In the meantime, I'm reluctantly not going to buy this, but Netflix it instead.
Maybe Joss went to the bathroom during lunch and accidentally created a new show for Nathan, Alan and Ron? Re: pricing, yeah, the 3 disc Weeds Season Three BD pack was like $23.99 at Amazon last I looked.
Firefly Reunion: Lunch with Joss, Nathan, Alan and Ron

Yeah that's weird. I thought Jewel had already stated she did this thing, she just couldn't schedule doing new commentaries?
Well, that's...interesting, I guess. Nowhere near an abomination like the original Serenity DVD art, but not as awesome as the original Firefly art either. I guess it fits somewhere in between.

And the Casablanca cover makes it look like a pack of cigarettes.
Fox PR sent along this BD Content and disc layout and some other bits and bobs:

Blu-ray Content:

The “Firefly” – The Complete Series Blu-ray Disc is authored in BD-J on three dual-layer 50GB discs presented in widescreen format (1.78:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 DTS HD Master Lossless Audio, Spanish and French Dolby Surround and German 5.1 DTS, plus English, Spanish and Dutch subtitles. Individual disc content as follows:

˛ Serenity (Part 1 & 2)
˛ Commentary by executive producer Joss Whedon and actor Nathan Fillion
˛ The Train Job
˛ Commentary by executive producers Joss Whedon and Tim Minear
˛ Bushwacked
˛ Shindig
˛ Commentary by writer Jane Espenson, actress Morena Baccarin and costume designer Shawna Trpcic
˛ Special Features:
˛ Here’s How It Was: The Making of “Firefly” featurette

˛ Safe
˛ Our Mrs. Reynolds
˛ BD Exclusive - Commentary by executive producer Joss Whedon and actors Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass
˛ Jaynestown
˛ Out of Gas
˛ Commentary by executive producer Tim Minear and director David Solomon
˛ Ariel
˛ Special Features:
˛ BD Exclusive – “Firefly” Reunion: Lunch with Joss, Nathan, Alan and Ron featurette (HD)

˛ War Stories
˛ Commentary by actors Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk
˛ Trash
˛ The Message
˛ Commentary by actor Alan Tudyk and actress Jewel Staite
˛ Heart of Gold
˛ Objects in Space
˛ Commentary by executive producer Joss Whedon
˛ Special Features:
˛ Serenity: The 10th Character
˛ Joss Sings the “Firefly” Theme featurette
˛ Joss Tours the Set featurette
˛ Deleted Scenes
˛ Gag Reel
˛ Alan Tudyk’s Audition

I like the cover, sp-blue suits the show (though so does sp-Western sp-brown). The extra extras don't set my world ablaze, must admit, as re-unions go for instance that's a bit short on, y'know, union but i'll pick it up down the line (good in one way of course since most of the cast are seemingly working).
The extras don't look that bad. What's all the fuss?
Err, what fuss ? I'm just pointing out that to me, the new, blu-ray only extras aren't that inspiring.
Aren't they different than the other extras?
Only the ones with "BD Exclusive" are new. So two commentaries and a reunion with only a third of the cast present. Our cup doesn't exactly runneth over IMO (but then any extra extras are a bonus and the quality difference is probably the most important "extra").

ETA: Oops, one commentary in fact, mea culpa.

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It's not exactly a must have item.
At $60 it is too steep for me to leap at, but if it goes on sale for ~$40 I'll get it.
Unless you long for the series in hi-def, I guess.

I'll pick it up eventually when it's cheaper if Blu-Ray continues to do well (although the only TV-on-Blu-Ray that've sold really well are Lost and Weeds--probably due to the more than fair price for Weeds--and I bet The Sarah Connor Chronicles will do well too...apparently other TV-on-Blu-Ray isn't doing that great, so far).

The cover is way better than the original Firefly cover (although the ship and the piece of the planet are the same, just moved around). The cast is pretty, but way too many of them look awkward or less-than-their-best on the shot that was chosen for the Firefly cover (the individual slipcase covers, on the other hand, are nice--especially Zoe's and Book's).

This is exactly what I wanted on the cover--a standard iconic image of the ship (although apparently the wrong model--curious, what are the differences ?), and no peoples.
That's not an aught three, doesn't have the extenders, tends to shake. Apparently.
Is the Blu-Ray region locked, do we know? I seem to recall Fox region lock theres. It sucks for us UKers - to be honest, I'm sure somebody will put the extras on Youtube, and you just know what the international audience will do.

˛ Joss Sings the “Firefly” Theme featurette - oh my.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-08-19 22:36 ]
Why "oh my" ? 'Cause they kept it on there from the first set ? Heh.
I was wondering about the Easter Egg.
I thought I read a story somewhere at some point that said Ariel was going to get a commentary on the Blu Ray dvd set?
I thought I read a story somewhere at some point that said Ariel was going to get a commentary on the Blu Ray dvd set?

Ah, well. You can always listen to the fan commentaries for it. ;)
Yeah I thought I heard that too. It's one that i'd like to hear, bit of a glaring omission in some ways.

Joss singing is, indeed, on the original set (Disc 4 if you must but fair warning, as a singer he makes a great writer ;).

And yep, you just can't trust them durn furreners we'll be YouTubing stuff left right and centre (as well as promoting the spread of Communism through the welfare state).
Or Tim Minear's from B3. Which I don't think is online anywhere...?

Edit to say, I mean commentary. Not singing. Saje got in between me and the post I was responding too.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-08-19 22:50 ]
I don't think Tim's live commentary he did is online, as he didn't want it gettin' out.

I had no idea Joss sings the FF theme on the original DVD set. I'm scared to watch.
Oh the watching's easy (it's just the credits ;). Fair play to him though, it was a "here's what I have in mind" demo not really intended for public consumption - he's got bricks to put it on there at all.

Saje got in between me and the post I was responding too.

Said it before, me and Hong Kong Phooey. Quicker than ... ;).
Whoa. There are fan commentaries!

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-08-19 22:57 ]
Wrong model? I can't help thinking of Andrew & Jonathan arguing about the Death Star. :)
It was surprisingly difficult to find the correct image anywhere (although I know at one point there was a direct comparison and someone from Zoic explained that the other one was an older model that they'd since revised, yet somehow that's the image that keeps getting reused.) Here, see the comparison wrong version and correct version. That old image of Serenity really gets around (it used to be my desktop wallpaper back when it was on the official Fox site.) So we're used to seeing it, but if you actually look at the ship in the series, it's a bit more streamlined.

...ok I'm a big geek.
Whoa. There are fan commentaries!

There's probably more than what's on the BDC site by now. I stopped maintaining it some time ago (and in fact at this point the back-end is non-existent and it's just an archive.)

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