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August 19 2008

Comic books sales continue apace. Estimated sales figures have been released for July 2008, with strong results for Whedon books. Buffy Season 8 #16 sells 82,031 copies, maintaining its top ten position in 10th place; Angel: After the Fall #10 is 51st with 43,024 sold; Spike: After the Fall #1 sells 36,974 with a strong debut in 59th place.

Relatedly, the first non-Joss issue of Astonishing X-Men sells 110,724 and makes it into 3rd place.

In graphic novels, the first After the Fall hardback makes a strong start, selling 4,407 in 10th place, just ahead of the Premier HB collection of Joss' Runaways arc, which sells 4,356 in 11th. Astonishing v4 picks up another 1,883 in 74th, whilst No Future for You gets a further 1,843 copies sold in 78th, with The Long Way Home peeking in in 98th with 1,582 new sales.

Buffy got a bit of a Fray bounce. Cheers for the rundown.

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