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August 19 2008

Some Lovely New Dollhouse Photos. Dollverse has a pile of new photos of the cast for you to pore over and wildly speculate about.

I think I have a giant crush on Olivia.

And Dichen.

And Eliza.

I hope they don't read the interwebs.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-08-19 20:18 ]
Hard to speculate wildly about promotional photos.
That's not true and you know it, b!X.
From the colour of Tophers hair, I can tell he's addicted to Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS.

See. This is what power the internet brings us.
Why is Victor posing with a baseball bat?
Why is the camera guy a ninja?
Ooh! Got a way to incorporate music into Dollhouse while not violating its rules. Come with me into the realm of Dark Text:
That's why Victor has a bat, clearly. The only way to defend yourself from a ninja is with a bat, and oddly attractive arms.

And now this post looks even more lame than it normally would after Pointy had actual thoughts. Pointy, can I marry your brain?
These are great photos, but it's a shame they couldn't find some, you know, attractive cast members.

Hopefully, they'll at least have some talent or something.

I dunno, QG, Joss has always preferred working with the beauty-challenged, I think we're stuck. ;)
Yeah, way to raise the bar, Pointy, so that we who are paddling in the shallow pool look even more, um, shallow.

(I tried to get another metaphor in there so I could have a metaphor three-way mix, but my brain is all frozey from poesy.)
I'm trying to come up with a valid reason for Eliza to pose with a bra-cum-corset, but.. hey, there's no need for a reason, actually. Yes, all is good with the world.
Weird. It won't let me open up Dollverse. O_o
That's what the camera guy is wondering.

*hears three-note undertone and
"Swing away Merrill. Merrill... swing away."*
lydia oh lydia say have you met lydia
lydia the tatooed lady
she's got eyes that men adore so
and her torso
even more so . . .
I can NOT view the pictures. And therefore, cannot proclaim my lame ways with viewing them (since we're no way near Pointy's greatness).

gossi, help?
What do you see when you go to the page?
The image gallery doesn't display in Internet Explorer, as the code is dire.
What I think is weird is that they're ALL designated hitters.
Stupid IE at work. What? I should be working anyway, you say? Nonsense. Oh well.
"Swing away Merrill. Merrill... swing away."

At least if Echo has asthma we'll know it's all part of God's Mysterious Plan™.

And yet another homely cast, how does he do it - isn't Hollywood supposedly just chocka with pretty people ? It's said you can't throw a stone without hitting something attractively symmetrical. Maybe they were chosen on their willingness to attend the read-through in bare feet ?
Ah, no love for IE? How will I survive the work place! Does it work on Firefox? If so, then there's hope tonight.
Yes, it works fine on Firefox.
Well you can see them all on the Fox Fresh website as well. You'll just have to page through to find the whole cast. The Fox website has the option of downloading the files without the name overlays, which is nice.
Well you can see them all on the Fox Fresh website as well

Oh a new Fox site I haven't seen before. Btw has the Dollhouse logo changed? TV Guide has a different one than the housey wavey type logo.
The TV Guide one seems to be lifted from Is someone being naughty ?
Isn't that the Dollverse logo?
Wow, thanks, Justine, for the link. They're all so pretty! And I didn't realize how soon the premieres are! I got to get prepared.

ETA: Yeah, that logo does look familiar... does gossi work for TV Guide? Or maybe more people use the black as a source than I thought.

[ edited by korkster on 2008-08-19 21:46 ]
Saje - I said nothing about being naughty...that's all you. ;)

Dear T'interwebs,

I totally meant "naughty" in a not libelous way. Totally.


Saje the Non Libeler
The promo pics are a bit bland aren't they? Nothing to phone home about. Nowhere as good as the Angel season 5 promo cast pics. But I will say that the Fox ones are better than the ones UPN did for the start of Buffy season 7.
Yes, TV Guide has used one of the graphics. My hilarious Dollhouse story - when the show was first greenlit, somebody tapped to work on it called the show 'DOLLVERSE' to me. I was, like, no - that's not the show name. Everybody I know still calls it Dollshouse anyhoo. Dollshouse by Josh and Jeb Whedon.
Can we get a linky link so we can compare?
Well, gossi, according to Tahmoh, it's called the Wallhouse. ;)
Put in a claim gossi man, so long as you don't go in guns blazing you might be able to sort out some recompense (a website used a photo from a forum I sometimes lurk on and the photographer - very politely - contacted them and got some free stuff in return for the licence to use it).
I don't care. The whole point of Dollverse was we put up content so others can rip it off.

Also, *sits with Angelica*.
Yeah but dude, free stuff ! And since it's TV Guide it follows it'd be free TVs. Or possibly free Guides but there're immigration complications with that.
Or possibly a tv-themed magazine of some kind. They might know someone.

These are nice photos. Kind of subdued though. The set photos look so vibrant. Kind of sad to see these have muted colors.
Who's Amy?

Oh, Amy Acker. The last name would have helped. Now I just feel stupid.
I've fixed the site in Internet Explorer. The twitter module was causing the problem. Felicia!

[ edited by gossi on 2008-08-19 22:11 ]
Yay! Thanks for fixing, gossi! They look just fine in my icky IE. :)

Felicia is the cause of many Twitter problems. May she suffer the wrath of an exploded ray gun! Eh, oh wait. Too sorry to hear about that. My apologies, really. *hands over a cookie-smelling rose*
You mean it was all korkster's fault that Penny died? So that's how you knew it was going to happen! This makes so much sense now. And here we were all blaming it on Joss.
Eliza looks yummy, great to see her in good shape, I've seen way too much pictures when she was not (I wonder what happened).
Really ? She's always looked pretty scrummy in any photos i've seen.
Eh, Saje, I've seen some not-too-tasteful ones. Paticularly around the time that I tried to prove to my brother that Eliza Dushku was way hotter than Megan Fox- that was the day my internet failed me. :(

hacksaway, really it's Felicia's own fault for killing Penny. She's the one who got us hooked and all. Besides, we all know that if anyone is clever enough to accidentally kill Penny it would be Saje. *points finger* Sorry, dude. I can't cover for you any more, and we need to set Joss free from your basement so he can make more cookie-scrumptous shows for us to watch.
That's just a life sized action-figure, honest ;).

And I guess even the most beautiful women can have unflattering photos taken of them (though I must admit, even the posed ones of Megan Fox don't do much for me - she's just a bit too, y'know ?).
Well, I'm not sure "scrummy" and "tasteless" are mutually exclusive, but I've never seen Eliza looking less than beautiful - even covered in monster blood and looking cranky. She's just a scrummy gal, I reckon.

ET: fix results of sudden dyslexia onset.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-08-19 23:13 ]
Lets say I've seen Eliza looking like an addict of some sorts, not very flattering to say the least. AH well, she's a human like the rest of us, and everyone has a bad period in life. I guess she got over it.
ET: fix results of sudden dyslexia onset.

SOD, it's a veritable plague of the modern world.

I haven't really seen any/many "tasteless" photos of her either (as I define it) though as I say, a photo on a red carpet with its direct lights etc. is probably gonna be less flattering than a carefully lit, made-up and posed set. But that's reality for you. I'm sure Megan Fox looks as shit as anyone else when she crawls out of bed of a morning for instance.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-08-19 23:22 ]
I've seen press photo's from Eliza looking not that hot ever since Buffy went off-air. Glad to see her shiny and all :)For a period I was fearing she was going the Lindsay Lohan way.. (which is a shame in itself, I really liked her)
And I guess even the most beautiful women can have unflattering photos taken of them (though I must admit, even the posed ones of Megan Fox don't do much for me - she's just a bit too, y'know ?).

Yes, Megan Fox is a bit too. That's why I was trying to ween my brother's MF background pic off of his computer and replace it with someone I don't mind looking at. I think my brother's main concern/disinterest was that the photos I found of Eliza still had her clothes on. Silly me. :P

In all, Eliza looks much better in person. And at Comic-Con. I just don't think pictures capture her beautiful wildness. *shrugs*
Scrummy and tasteless certainly aren't mutually exclusive. Who doesn't occasionally go shopping with precisely those two adjectives in mind?

And you all made me google Megan Fox, and then I started clicking on links and reading random comments on random sites and now I'm horribly depressed and need to go scrub what brain cells I've got left. I knew there was a reason I only ever read my e-mail and whedonesque. The rest of humanity scares me.

Is anybody other than Pointy going to wildly speculate? Do you think Olivia Williams' eyebrows are evil? Will her cheekbones save the day at some point?
*passes catherine the jug o' brain bleach*
I think those cheekbones may have already saved a day or two.
*bleaches brain*

Many thanks. I feel much better. So, yeah, when are we going to see pictures of Amy with her mysterious scar? Betcha she'll look scrummy and piratical (another two adjectives I keep in mind when shopping--a good eye-patch can really complete an outfit).
I bet AA is still pretty. Even when she's scarred up and what not. If they gave her a hump back & a limp, then maaaybe I'd believe she was not pretty. Oh, and snaggle teeth. Like this.

I don't know. You think she's still pretty? Hm. I guess I fail. ;)

Topher's shoes look sinister to me. He's WAY too comfortable in the Dollhouse for my comfort.
Does anyone know if there are any official wallpapers for desktop?
WheelsOfJoy the official site isn't up yet but when it is (November? December?) I would imagine there will be wallpapers galore.
FYI,, it turns out, is NOT available.
Eliza. Pretty.

And this concludes my thinking portion of the day.
Is anyone else obsessively watching the video of the photo shoot on the Fresh on Fox website to try and work out what Enver's accent is? No? Just me?

Loving the brief footage of him, Dichen, Eliza, David and Summer though.

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