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August 19 2008

Julie Benz talks Dexter, Rambo, and Buffy. Just in time for today's DVD release of Dexter's second season, USA Today's Whitney Matheson offers up a recent interview with Julie Benz.

The entire interview is available via the podcast links included in the article.

I love how they're still secretly one big family. Well, not a secret anymore, but still.

ETA: Let's get Julie Benz a romantic comedy!

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I loved her answer about Rita and Darla. It's a testament to her acting chops that the strength and vulnerability of both women shine through in such different ways, but she sees the same core in both characters.
More listings as to who's friends with whom for my collection, hee-hee. Interesting how some of the actors are friends with others who don't get along. The Biz is a small town, but it's a very big one. Seriously, I'd love for her to, well yes a rom-com feature or MOTW might be great, but she won't have time for a sitcom while she's on Dexter.
But maybe Rina Marlowe in a remake of the Carpetbaggers? Okay, that's neither romantic nor comedy, neither would be Eleanor Holm in a Billy Rose biopic, but she'd be great as either.
She's almost a force of nature, in her way.

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DaddyCatALSO, if you have such a collection, it makes me want to see you make a huge web of the overlapping and conflicting relationships between the cast members. Color-coded and as complex as an aristocratic family tree. Now that would be entertaining. ;)
Lirazel; Way to call me on it there :-).
I think you've mentioned before that you made such a bubble thing, DCA. I too want to peek. ;)
I like that she's friends with Clare Kramer. Can you imagine Darla teaming up with Glory?

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