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August 19 2008

(SPOILER) Why Dollhouse's original pilot will make a better second episode. A look at the scripts.

An interesting and a very positive look at the original pilot (now the second episode) and the new pilot and how well they fit together. Also they go into quite a bit of detail (so SPOILER Warning).

Ooooo, juicy! Dollhouse is starting to sound just awesome! I hope FOX keeps it long enough for it to hit its stride!
They aren't wrong, this article.
Hee. Fun bit of info in that article for me personally, sort of, not?
A random Dollhouse thing - Sunny Hodge is working on DH as an Editor. They used to work on The Inside with Tim and Firefly with Joss and Tim. I may put out something about the score later if the stars align (or I can be bothered).

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Too many spoilers for me. I skimmed and read the general parts. But what I see I like. I hope what Caroline refers to turns out to be true. That'd be superneat.
This was the article I declared "to hell with warnings!".

That was a lot of fun. January can't come quick enough. :)

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