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August 19 2008

Another year older and still looking mighty fine! Happy Birthday to James Marsters who turns 46 today!!!

There is at least one thing him and Spike have in common.....they are both ageless! Here's to many more birthdays for our favorite sexy vampire!

A very Happy Birthday to you. Thank you James Marsters for lighting up my TV screen and bringing me many hours of joy watching as you performed.
Happy birthday, James! I hope you have a lovely day.
Whoa! That's a little younger than me, but best wishes to our favorite vampire/Time Agent/FBI agent/Smallville nemesis, and a whole lot more!.
Happy Birthday! Wow, you look great!
Hope you have an amazing b-day, James! And please keep wowing us with your great talent.
Happy birthday James!
I had no idea he was that old! Happy birthday dude.
I saw a guy that looked just like him at a Stone Temple Pilots show on Sunday... That is IF he were a drunken redneck.
46!?!! No way! Looking good, Big Bad!
You're a most excellent actor and I love your work. Happy Birthday!

ETA Happy Birthday to Hostile 17!

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Happy Birthday! Hoping for a great day.
I cannot believe you are 46. I got to meet you last year and I thought you were in your early-to-mid thirties. Just goes to show, age ain't nuthin' but a number.

Thank you for your talent and kindness and rawness. Is 'rawness' a word?
holy crap James! 46 and lookin' almost 20 years younger!! perhaps you really ARE a vamp... hot. :) happy b-day! keep up the amazing music, amazing acting and AMAZING AGING SKILLS. dude... you're totally one of my idols!
Happy Birthday man!!!! Actually my birthday as well and I am honored to share it with you! Can't wait to see your next stuff!
he and Spike...sigh.

Happy Birthday, JM! :-)
Okay, so everyone else has already said it, but:

46?!?!?!? He's older than Joss! And almost the same age as my mom!

My world has been thrown askew.

Happy birthday, man.
Happy Birthday Jimmy boy! You're wearing it well! :0
Happy birthday Mr James Marsters esq. If you could see your way to continuing to continue (preferably ad infinitum) it'd be appreciated - the world benefits from your presence. Cheers ;).
Happy Birthday James! You're the reason I got hooked on BtS and so went on to discover this always fascinating fandom.
"There is at least one thing him and Spike have in common.....they are both ageless!"
Amen to that Weeza!!!!!

Happy Birthday dear James. Every year just finds you looking better and better. Here's wishing you many many more wonderful birthdays.
Happy Birthday, James!
Happy birthday, you young thing!

(Ahem... turned 46 myself on Friday...)
Happy Birthday to the wonderful James!
Many Birthday wishes and kisses, James! Have a Happy one :)
Happy Birthday James!!! May you have a wonderful year full of blessings and hopefully lots of work!! You will always be my favorite. I just love you!!!!
Happy Birthday James!

To a lovely and talented human being, who makes fandom a pleasure.
Happy b-day! Can't wait to see Dragon Ball!
Awww Happy Birthday Lovely James.
And looking more handsome than ever when I saw him at Collectormania in May this year. Happy birthday James!
Hope James has a great day today. And for us, his fans, I hope he gets a wonderful new role to delight us with. He makes my world a brighter place with his talent and his warm personality.
Happy birthday James!

On a side note, he's older then my mom. WOW.

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Happy birthday, James! ^_^
He's catching up to me! :) I'll wait!

Happy Birthday, James!
Happy birthday to a terrific actor! Many happy returns, and may the coming year bring even more roles you can (ahem) sink your teeth into.

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