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August 20 2008

John Byrne writes and draws "Angel: Blood and Trenches". John Byrne discusses the 4-issue WWI-themed project and "Angel: the Series". He also shares two penciled pages from "Angel: Blood And Trenches" and some early sketches.

John Byrne had a lot to do with me getting back into comics, because of Superman. I'm very interested in seeing what he does with Angel.
Do we know how much involvement Joss is having with this and if it is seen as canonical?
No. We don't. But seeing as it's a flashback story, it hardly matters if it's canonical. I just plan on reading and enjoying the comics.
Reading the thread, Byrne seems like a real fan of Buffy and Angel, as well as being an amazing artist and writer. This should be really good, and I'm looking forward to it.
[Also, I wonder if IDW will have Art Lyon color it. I haven't always been the biggest fan of his coloring on Runge's and Urru's work (I prefer deeper colors,) but his style seems perfect for this project.]
I think this going to be a fun story.
yet another comic I'm going to have to buy ... wait - that's a good thing :). I'm looking forward to this.

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