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August 20 2008

Nathan interviewed about Edmonton Fringe Festival. City TV has posted two video clips from the Edmonton Fringe Festival that feature Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.

The clip linked to in the headline is an interview with Nathan about his return to Edmonton's improvised soap opera, Die-Nasty, that also shows a little bit of what happened on stage. Dr. Horrible gets a mention, as does his new pilot, Castle.

The second, which can be found at, explains a bit more about the show and includes a little snippet of Alan on stage and some more of a scene of Nathan's.

What a tease! I want more.
*sigh* Must we always beg for more? That wasn't enough. :(

I love Nathan Fillion...

... in the interview. He has a way with...

It was a good, gracious interview.
Whoo-hoo! I was able to listen to it. Slow connection and all.
Dancing around in green undies....NOW I really have seen it all. LOL

Nathan, you're a hoot!

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