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August 20 2008

So Fresh, So Fox Photo Shoot. A behind-the-scenes look at Fox's 2008 image campaign featuring, among others, the casts of Dollhouse, Bones and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

There are also clickable, downloadable pictures that I'm sure have already been linked here in other posts.

The link's not working for me… I just get a site with a flash with Chinese characters…
Fox must not be linking correctly from outside the U.S.. Darn them! :: Shakes fist ::

...And you're missing the tiny video of Eliza in a red dress, too. (I wonder why they didn't use those pics. Or if they're going to come out later, he added with hopeful tension in his voice.)
Oh my, Summer Glau...and Eliza Dushku, and erm, ahem. David. Actually, there's too many beautiful people on that link. Perhaps that's why some people are having trouble. But seriously, Summer!
Fox must not be linking correctly from outside the U.S..

Nope, working fine for me here.

Nice pictures, these. Although a couple of them do look quite airbrused. Also: Eliza in the red dress. Needs no more words than that. I'm with you, Grotesk.
I don't know... have you seen Summer is that vest? I know she's a terminator & is not self-conscious and all, but she's not the little kid I remember anymore.

These people are too pretty. We should fire them, and hire monkeys. I can't focus on the plot if they're too pretty.
Shirley Manson is going to be on TSCC? How the heck did I miss that news? I had no idea she was even acting.
I had no idea she was even acting.

Well, that remains to be seen ;). But yep, it came out just after the S2 renewal news IIRC.

Photos airbrushed to buggery as seems to be the practice nowadays but still, yowsah. Red dress(es, both Mss. - what even is the plural of Ms. anyway ? - Dushku and Edelstein rocking them with style), Summer all groweded, Olivia Williams with the slinky dress, Emily Deschanel looking all thoughtful and sexy. Pretty, pretty people.

(OK, it was a mild shock to go from Jennifer Morrison to Gordon 'fucking' Ramsey but what's perfect in this life ? ;)
Yep, those're they ;).

(just without the fancy framework meaning you have to click through each one - but also without the wee video at the top of the page)

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