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August 20 2008

"Shiny!" Little Kaylee update. Quantum Mechanix' Little Damn Heroes Kaylee maquette is available for pre-order now.

The QMx website says it won't be on sale from their site until September 15, but it looks like pre-orders are available from collector sites.

I have no association with the linked site or Quantum Mechanix, just in case you were suspecting something. Heck, I can't even afford to order one.

I hope they make everyone... these would look SO cool on my shelf!
It's very shiny. :)
They showed the Mal and River prototypes at Comic-Con. Sooooo cute.
Are there any pictures? I would LOVE to have Mal!
Here is Mal. For some reason, I don't think a picture of River ever surfaced online, even though I know several were taken.
The Mal and River prototypes were auctioned at two of the SoCal Browncoats CSTS 2008 events. You can see pictures of them here.
Hmm. Don't think they quite captured River's essence there. Mal and Kaylee, though? Great stuff.

Although I won't be buying these. But still.
YaY...I'm preordering tomorrow (payday..ha)!!
It looks awesome Hatmaster Adam!
Mal is awesome. River looks like she's stumbled onto the set of Hairspray.
Pre-ordered my Kaylee just now! How can I say no to my favorite mechanic; she's just too cute. :)

Hmm, not really too keen on that prototype River...she has kind of a pompadour thing going that makes me giggle a bit. Mal's not bad, though.
Well, flakbait, she is looking down. But her hair does still look overdone. I say it should be a little flatter. Just a little.
I preordered mine from Things From Another World ( over two weeks ago. It's cheaper there, too.

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