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August 20 2008

Anthony Head's Repo Man in all his glory. Check out high-res stills of our former watchful librarian in full-on creep mode (with optional helmet) as the murderous Repo Man in "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

A singing Tony Head disemboweling a helpless victim has never looked so gleeful.

The songs were catchy. But I don't think I will be watching this any time soon. I'm not a big fan of guts being cut out of people.

However, I will be buying the soundtrack.
Suddenly, it all makes sense. I am somewhat mortified to admit that all this time I was thinking it was GENERIC Opera.

Now I'm torn. On the one hand, singing Tony Head. On the other hand, ewwww. But, singing Tony Head!
Remember when ASH wanted to be a villian on BtVS? I'll be watching this because I want to see how evil Giles could have been. Blood & guts with songs are always fun.

They've swayed me from "never watching this crap" to "I want to see it in theaters". :) Mostly, it's the ASH pull- cannot. resist. But I also want to rock out visually. Don't really care for the other characters. Just give me ASH being evil & singing. :)
Am I the only one who heard Bill Murray singing "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts"? I am? Huh.

And...Anthony Stewart? Is that Tony's twin brother?

Shadow goes away for a while...two Tonys...


Yeah, korkster, ASH totally wanted Joss to have Giles go evil. Should've seen the glint in his eyes when I told him I was writing a fanfic where I turned Giles into a vampire.

After hearing that mini-interview, my opinion on this movie has changed. It's not "just" about the blood & guts and random singing. There actually is a plot to it. I seriously hope I have enough money to be able to see this in theaters. And I hope it actually comes to a theater near me - Imagine Me & You played in only one theater in the entire state, an "arts" theater in Madison. Which was also showing Brokeback Mountain on another screen. Love ASH, started a fan group for him...not gonna drive several hours just to see a movie in the theaters.
Considering how magnificent ASH was in the "School Reunion" episode of Doctor Who, I have all the faith in the world that he can pull off a villain.

You know, this is the first time I've clicked on any links about this. For some reason, I was under the impression that this was a musical adaptation of Repo Man.

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