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August 21 2008

TV Guide wants Charisma to Dance With The Stars. TV Guide has given their picks for who they want to see on the upcoming season of the reality hit. They think our favourite seer could fill the 'The Female Hottie' role.

Charisma is a trained dancer already, doesn't that defeat the purpose of this show?
Great typo in the title bar too :)

(danicing, if you didn't notice)
Hmmm, I don't know. I wouldn't want her to play if she didn't win. And she may have danced before, but this show's a little different. It's entertaining, but they usually select people "who have nothing better to do". I don't want her cast in that, but they get paid handsomely. I hope she wins, if she decides to do it.
No thank you. I sincerely hope Charisma(or any other whedon actor)never go on one of these stupid celebrity talent/reality shows.
It's going to happen with some of them, eventually; reaching the "Love Boat phase of the career" is part of life in show biz.
Add me to the chorus of voices that want Charisma to be doing what she does best; acting. Reality/game shows have their place I suppose, but if at all possible, it's not a place I want to see any of the Jossverse actors go.
Just because I think it's inevitable for some of them doesn';t mean I think it's right, trust me, same pew here.

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I suppose I'm in the minority here, but I think if she is offered a spot on Dancing with the stars, she should go for it. She hasn't had any really substantive roles recently, and something like this could be a great career opportunity for her.
"Female hottie" ... were there any regulars, or even guests, who (if female) weren't, if they were to play such a role? I can't think of one.
I would love to see her back on Greek. She was great!

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