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August 21 2008

(SPOILER) Seven-page preview of Buffy #18. Newsarama provides them, from part three of "Time of Your Life". It all starts with the word "nothing". (Technically it's six pages and a cover.)

I expect the first bits of speculation to center around "at least one that's too ridiculous to comprehend" and "but they're not in the books".
"ken-doll", really?

Otherwise: still really liking this.
Ah. I'd wondered when she was going to raid those books and what she'd find.

Also Scotland vaguely resembles Middle-earth lately.
I wonder if Joss is going to push the RTD button and retcon the Slayer army from existence.
"There's no need to curse like a nerd."

On the other hand, "Ken-Doll" is definitely cringe-worthy.

I'll get the Jo Chen cover as usual, but this Andy Owens cover is really awesome too.
The alt cover at the end has a fantastic likeness of Michelle Trachtenberg (well, the top part of her obviously).
I wonder if Joss is going to push the RTD button and retcon the Slayer army from existence.

Not being in the books fits with my still-pet theory that somehow the Fray future is the future of the wish-world, not the future of Buffy's world.

Although, despite being my still-pet theory, I don't actually believe it's going to be the case.
I wonder if Joss is going to push the RTD button and retcon the Slayer army from existence.

I've been wondering if something's going to change in this arc that means Fray never happens. But that seems unlikely given how Joss seems to approach time-travel stories. It seems more likely that it all comes together in some mind-bending way and that the end of this arc changes Buffy's present in some drastic way.

Willow seems to be approaching some terrible act, anyway.
Seems to me Willow is about to tell Kennedy that she has to have sex with a giant snake goddess thingie again. For the greater good, obviously...
For the greater good, obviously...

Wondering to what degree this is the theme of season 8.
All I thought about on the last page (non-cover) was "doesn't Dawn get a pass because she's a mystical-centaur? clearly non-human, at the moment!". Ah, I hope they make tree friends. I really like the tree-dude's green hair.

And yes, the non-Chen cover is also very lovely. I'll be happy with either. "Ken-doll" was a bit, uh, weird to hear come from Willow's lips, but can't really judge since this is like the first time in Season 8 where those two have been alone. What is Willow up to? Looks like nothing good.

I did enjoy the "spoiler alert". That was cute. :)

Talk about a tease, though! I really wanted another page.

That said,
Also Scotland vaguely resembles Middle-earth lately.
I was thinking more like the Hogwarts grounds. Angry, mystical creatures threatening our heroes for being in their woods? Although in this case the centaur is a threatenee.
At last a cool character named Ken! Before this, the most sympathetic Ken in Whedondom was a cuckolded thricewise.
They're kind of Entish-looking, barboo. But they seem pretty hasty.
Or, to go back further, they could throw apples at Xander and Dawn.

Love the "Frak." Just love it being there.

But the Willow storyline, as far as I'm able to follow it, is breaking my heart.
Boy,the month flew by fast.I can't believe this issue is upon us so soon.We're almost done the Fray crossover.
"How is this for the greater good?"
"The Greater Good - "
"Shut up!"
I guess I'm the odd man out here, but I thought Ken-Doll was kinda cute, or at least realistic. I mean, I can be serious Joe during the day but around my man, the goofy names tend to fly. And I can totally see Willow being goofy with Kennedy.

Also, WOW I can't wait for this issue, as per usual.
Frak, indeed. Kennedy dying once was funny, since it pretty much went to take the piss out of all the fans who have clamored for just that. Don't think a second time will be any laughing matter - especially not for Willow...
I've got no real problem with Willow calling her girlfriend Ken-Doll either. She's Willow: silly wordplay is what she does.

Mind you, if Kennedy's own pet name for Willow turns out to be Barbie-doll, I might have more of a problem...
Kennedy's pet name for Willow is "Red." At least it was on TV.
"No need to curse like a nerd."

"The Laurel and Hardy of being a dick."

Those two lines alone make me need to read this now, and the fact that the rest seems just as fantastic,'s expected, but awesome.

I also don't have a problem with Willow calling Kennedy "Ken-Doll." Maybe it's just seeing her in such small doses, but I'm starting to not have a problem with Kennedy. Which disturbs me.
I started liking Kennedy around their first conversation in Willow's bedroom, and between asking Willow, "So... how's evil taste?" and telling Rona, "It's [the point] this end right here - you stick that in the bad guys. Any more questions?" it pretty much made it official.
"At least one that's too ridiculous to comprehend" - a reference to whatever Dawn turns into next?

"But they're not in the books" - not surprising that there's no mention of what happened to the slayers. Buffy and Giles had a whole conversation about that in Fool for Love. Either there's no one left to tell the tale, or the ones left (usually the watcher) just finds it too painful to write about.
Finally! Some love for somebody named Ken
And from Willow, yes, Willow, sweet Willow!
It figures the one good one is a woman
Whos with Willow, yes, Willow, dear Willow.
Ken can be a misogynist mechanized guy
Or a demon whose kind human face is a lie
And somewhere its written that Ken has to die
Oh, Willow, no, Willow, poor Willow!

(To the tune of "Tit-Willow," The Mikado, Gilbert & Sullivan)

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I don't know whether to LOL or CIMB...*

*(Cry In My Beer, of course.)
You can laugh in your beer, Rowan Hawthorn. Bubbles!
"At least one that's too ridiculous to comprehend" - a reference to whatever Dawn turns into next?

Or to a previously-revealed (outside the book) forthcoming major plot development for Buffy's world.
Or to a previously-revealed (outside the book) forthcoming major plot development for Buffy's world.

A world without shrimp?! FINALLY!
Or the whole "final battle of Starbucks" thing....fairly ridiculous.
I don't have a trouble with Willow calling Kennedy "Ken-doll", because Willow has her original language, but I can't still help to cringe when she says "I love you" to the slayer.
And I agree about Kennedy nickname for Willow being "Red" in the show, because when I heard it the first time, I thought Kennedy had stole Spike nickname for Willow.
*winces* "Ken-doll"? Sorry, Willow’s loosing it – not her silly self – I blame snake-lady for sucking the silliness! Now if she said “Ken-chan” I would’ve thought it cute. ;)

That aside, I want the issue, like now. I knew I should've listened to my sense and not read this and waited like a good little fan girl. Suffice to say, I might be 'good', but patience is no virtue of mine...
Spike calls Willow 'Red', Kennedy calls Willow 'Red', and Faith calls Willow 'Red'. (in 'This Year's Girl') It seems to be a pretty standard nickname for her.

So now they're in a relationship, obviously Kennedy would want to come up with something more distinctive. :-)
"the laurel and hardy of being a dick"
Hmm, I didn't read the preview, just the thread so didn't realize til today who the "Ken-doll" reference concerned.

Subsequently, I'm getting some vague impressions as to what the possibilites are for two grown young women and an actual Ken(TM) doll, and wish to, for my own part, keep them vague, but thought they'd fit the tenor of this discussion :-).
Very nice preview. Thanks for sharing!

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