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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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August 21 2008

Nick Brendon updates his audio blog. He talks about his experience doing his play, upcoming Criminal Minds appearance, going to Glasgow for a convention, writing for SuperCat, his love for Buffy the Animated series, and more.

Another great update from Nick. His topics range from Criminal Minds to Buffy the Animated Series to his unofficial ranking for the (hot/non-hot) women's javelin throw in the Olympics. Interesting stuff.

He's such a cool guy. I got nothin' more to say.
I enjoy the blogs. I hope one day his career & my interests collide again.
He's great on Criminal Minds!
Nick thinks he only has 3 people listening to his blog? Doesn't he know it gets linked here?
Aww he's so great. I really hope he gets a bigger part on Criminal Minds!
More Nick on CM = great :D

Love the fact he picked up on Buffy the Animated Series. I guess a lot of people want to do it, but the money involved will be an issue. As always.

Great read, again. I like his style of blogging, mixing the fun with the serious bits.
Nick thinks he only has 3 people listening to his blog? Doesn't he know it gets linked here?

I've tried to explain it. I think he's of the "people really want to listen to me?" mind-set still, though. How wrong he is.
Personally, I would bring back the Buffy animated series, but I'd do season 9 instead of re-treading the high-school years. It might take a while to set up, so if "the Powers that Be" want to do it, better start now.
Always a treat to hear from him.
I’m typically not into the taste of man, so I probably shouldn’t say anything. But if I were to taste a man, I think I would love to taste Lou Pinella.

Nuff said! All the love for Nicky…

That guy’s got a nice body. I take that back. If I were to taste man, it would be Michael Phelps.

Not bad, but I hear the taste of JM is good *wink nudge* Spander is still alive in my heart ;)

Can't wait for CM! Love his character.
These audioblogposts (it is so a word now) are excellent, but can someone out there give Nick Brendan a Minidisk Recorder and a half decent mic?

I just want to hear his voice over something other than a mobile phone.
I like Nick, but the thing about the ugly Olympic women athletes made me cringe as much as his being teary about seeing Xander back in the library and getting teary made me happy.

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