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August 21 2008

Buffy and Angel partwork to begin in the UK. A new partwork, The Buffy Collection, launches on 18th September in the UK - the TV advertising campaign has just begun. Each fortnightly issue features a DVD containing four episodes and a companion magazine. Both series will be included. Link goes to the official site.

This is in the vein of similar previous partworks, which have covered Star Trek (Next Gen and Original), Stargate SG-1 and CSI, amongst others. The first issue is 1.99, with subsequent issues costing 7.99.

Obviously not useful to those of us who own every episode on DVD already, but there may be a readership out there for it...

I guess it's news that it's being rolled out across the country now, instead of localised to one region as it was before.
Issue 1 is already on sale in some locations so rollout appears to be the right word.
Being American, this whole "partwork" concept is totally alien to me.
With UC. Huh?
I subscribed when it came out in March. It was only a limited release in the UK then, and a week ago I got a letter saying that they were starting it up again and they were doing it national too! I have to wait 6 weeks for you guys to catch up (I'm at issue 3)But believe me, it's worth the wait! :)
Plus I just saw the advertisement tonight, it was awesome!
"Partwork" means they issue a bit every week/fortnight/month/whatever, building up a set over a period of time. "It" can be anything from an encyclopaedia to a full-size plastic skeleton to a doll's house to a complete DVD collection. The thing they have in common is that the first issue is always much cheaper than the rest, it takes at least two years to collect the full set and you end up paying way more for whatever item it is than you would in a shop. This set gives you magazines plus the whole of Buffy and Angel for the equivalent of a mere nine hundred dollars or thereabouts.

Even so, it's good to see that TPTB think there's enough mileage in the shows still to make it a viable concept.
One upside though, if you keep your eyes peeled these sometimes turn up in pound shops after a year or so and you can get individual sets (maybe just for the magazine itself) for, well, a pound surprisingly enough ;).

Otherwise they're a huge rip-off (used to be even mmoreso BTW, it's only in the last 5 or 10 years that they've had to tell you how many parts it'll be in total at the beginning - so you'd sometimes start buying a model or stickers or whatever and still not have the finished article 4 years later).

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