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August 21 2008

J. August Richards is bringing the sexy back. Just a little blurb from Buddy TV written by someone who is very excited to have Gunn back on television.

How come he is 50/50 on the sexy quiz at the bottom? I don't care is people like Angel or not; people have to admit that that man is sexy.
Well, now he's 70/30, which is slightly better. And I have to agree--he is a very attractive guy. It's nice to see J. getting some attention; I always thought he was completed underrated both for his sex appeal and acting skills. I re-watched "A Hole in the World" the other day, and he absolutely blew me away in the White Room. I'm always glad to see him on my television screen.
If there's one thing I've missed in the translation of Buffy and Angel from TV to comics, it's that we didn't get to see Richards as how Gunn turns out in After the Fall. I bet he would've been great.
J. August is so much sexier in person. He really turned my head on Mutant Enemy Day.
I almost twisted my head off on that day, ESG. ;)
Can I just second everything that's written above? Having seen him :)

and archon, you're right. How good would J. have been if the latest series had actually been shot! He would have handled the many extra layers that have been added to Gunn so well. *sighs*
He's lovely - hubba hubba hubba. He will be at Collectormania next month. I am really looking forward to seeing him in all his loveliness!
I almost hate to say it, but I will:
J. August was the reason I started watching Angel. (No, I wasn't a Buffy first. In fact, I didn't get into Buffy until after I'd seen Angel after falling in love with Firefly.)
My inner conversation went something like this:
"Damn, that Angel is cute....but...what? Who is THAT fine brother? I really need to check this show out."
Then I fell in love with the show.
Anyway, I'm glad to see that he's back and bringing the Sexy with him.
(I wish he's pack a bag o' Sexy and bring it over to my place. I'm just sayin'...I'll be in my bunk.)

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