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August 22 2008

NPH to host 2008 Creative Arts Emmys. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced yesterday that Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Chalke are to host this year's Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday September 13th. It will air on E! on September 20th.

Hooray for Sarah Chalke....bit of a crush on her. I love me some Scrubs.

Oh yay NPH!
Sarah Chalke has a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother now, as a candidate for the mother (Ted's girlfriend). She's fantastic on both shows, of course.
Now, see, I think Emmy has gotten this totally backwards. They've got reality hosts hosting the Primetime Emmys and actors hosting the Creative Arts Emmys? Bah, I'd much rather see Neil and Sarah on Sep 21 on a real live network. :( What a way to ruin the 60th anniversary.

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