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August 22 2008

Buffy raising bucks for Make-A-Wish. Nice article about The Slay-A-Thon.

Wow. The Magic Box now fits in a box!
That is indeed heartwarming. That just goes to show you that Buffy fans are the best people ever, so there.
I like that the person who won "The Box" in auction previously returned it so it could be auctioned off again.
Details about the auction last year for those who like to know more about cool things.
...airing back-to-back episodes of "Buffy" and "Angel"...

Isn't it only Angel (well, and Dr. Horrible) because of FOX's current restrictions on Buffy?

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Yeah, it's just AtVS this year - because of "Fox's ongoing copyright litigation surrounding 'Buffy' " they say they are " 'revamping' our 2008 event and will show 'Angel' exclusively this year" - which seems such a shame, to put it mildly...

I entered the raffle again, 'cause, well, good cause, and I damn want that little Magic Box. I'm not sure I could give it up if I won - what a particularly generous person the last winner must be - but maybe if I had the excitement of winning it and keeping it for a year, I could.

And if anybody feels like making a miniature "1630 Ravello Drive" or a "Spike's Lair" or a "Big old Satanic temple from Kingman's Bluff," I want one of each, please.
That's frakking cool.
I love it, I'd love to have the school library, too, which I believe Lioness has. Since I have no room, I will have to make do with what I do have.
QG, pretty sure MsBigPileODust has a Persepexa (sp) set up with Willow trying to destroy the world, also one of Xander comforting her, if I'm not mistaken.

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