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August 22 2008

California Browncoats raise $10k+ for KNTR. The just-announced totals from the fundraiser held in and around Comic-Con, benefiting Kids Need To Read.

That is awesome. My son just got PJ's second book in the mail yesterday. Great job guys!
Yay! I am a minuscule but oh so important part of that amount! :) Still, $10K?! I'm impressed.
The California Browncoats set the bar high! And such a great charity. I love new media, but my love of reading is irreplaceable. Kudos!

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Way to go you big damn heroes!
Yay! That makes me happy. We need to raise more.
Such wonderful people, you can't keep them down!
One of the ladies who collected from us at ComicCon was fierce - I mean that in the good way. There was just no saying no to her, even if you wanted to, which I didn't. Want.

And yeah, you know, books and kids... whaddya gonna do? It's a double-header. (Ooooh, did I just say a sports thingy? How oddly marvy.)
That was Tabin (no need to even take a guess). She takes great pride in being able to get money out of pretty much anyone who comes within sight of the booth. Even the Guild cast (while signing) and Nathan's brother (twice).
I did my small part in buying one of the special covers. Great job, California Browncoats!

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