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August 22 2008

Meet Mark Sheppard. Count Gore De Vol interviews Mark, mainly about his role as Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica, with occasional sidesteps into Whedonesque territory. (20 mins, on Vimeo)

Mark reveals he's been cast in new series The Middleman on ABC Family. No mention of Dollhouse.

Also: Joss Whedon - Orson Welles. Compare.

Okay that was a bit confusing - I thought it was some kind of meetup!

But very cool. I adore Mark. :)
ok.. it tells me the video no longer exists.. I am really bummed!
did we break the internet again?
Chindi - check HD button if it is on then turn it off. That's how it worked for me.

PS - I love Mark.

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Gore De Vol?

ETA that Mark apparently is braver and has far more patience than I would have when being interviewed by Count Gore De Vol. WTF?

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I like how Count Floyd there was too self-consciously star-struck to keep his accent.

Mark was very cool to do that interview.
One of the best parts of this interview is relevant to this other thread: Mark explaining how he'll be with other Vancouver-working actors at a hotel bar and they will go out of their way to tell him not to spoil anything about BSG.
I can't watch this video, I get 'sorry it is no longer available'. Is it available anywhere else? I would love to watch this!
embers, do what was suggested above: Click the blue HD button on the video to turn HD off, and then it works.
Oh dear, I am getting old, I didn't pick up on what was meant by 'check HD button' until you spelled it out (I hadn't noticed one on the video). Thank you!
Apparently he'll be on Leverage, too -- just posted on his myspace blog which unfortunately I can't access at work. :(
I'm glad Mark needs no incentive to talk... less of The Count!
Has anyone scratched their brain on why actor Mark Sheppard was doing there? Just curious.
OH WOW, what a great interview. Thanks for posting.

@Madhatter: I think that was done at a convention? It seemed like MS was referencing (signable) fan photos on the table in front of him, as if he was sitting at an autograph booth at a con...

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