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August 23 2008

Bonnie Friedericy and John Billingsley invite you to LEGENDARY BINGO. Bonnie, Cordelia's dress shop boss in BtVS S3 and Jasmine's assistant Patience in "Angel" S4, and John, werewolf expert Dr. Royce in "Unleashed" on "Angel" S5, are co-hosting the fundraising event on Wednesday 3 September at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood.

The event is to raise a few bucks for the Aids Service Center (a fab charitable org. that BF and JB have been supporting for many years).

"Legendary Bingo is cheap, fast and rowdy. A 'suggested donation' of 20 bucks buys you 10 bingo cards. The bingo caller is a bawdy drag queen, the prizes are pretty cool and you'll be out the door in under two hours. The Aids Service Center keeps 75% of the proceeds (we hope to raise two or three grand) and if you're so inclined the burgers are good and the drinks are strong. (They have a full menu and bar.)

Hamburger Mary's is at 8288 Santa Monica Blvd, at Sweetzer in West Hollywood. Valet parking is available in the restaurant lot, and the event starts at 9:00 (suggested arrival time is 8:45ish). If you'd like to come, check out the website below and enquire about making a reservation - Bonnie and John will try to set aside a big table to accommodate everybody.

The 'legendary bingo' website is And by way of explication (i.e, what the hell is legendary bingo): a wonderful gentleman named Jeff Bowman organizes a bi-weekly bingo game, and the proceeds from each week's event are earmarked for different charitable groups. Bonnie and I have attended a number of games and they're always a lot of fun, even though we've never won anything, giving rise to the suspicion that the games are rigged . . . or we, perhaps, are simply 'bingo challenged'.

Thanks, hope to see you there: if you can't make it, but you're interested in making a small donation in support of the ASC, they can be contacted at . xox john and bonnie"

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Um...shouldn't this be shortened in some way? I thought I had arrived on a direct thread when I clicked on the Whedonesque icon I have on my bookmarks toolbar.
I think I fixed it
Too bad I can't be in L-A that week. I hope they have something later that month. Sounds like fun.
It's none of my beeswax, really, but since this isn't an actual link, it's liable to be deleted soon. But since the ASC is a great cause (not to mention that Hamburger Mary's is right around the corner from me, and one of the Board members has his practice with my own medical doctor) maybe if you post this info at a blog or a site, and then link to it, it can still be posted on whedonesque?

Just a thought - it seems a shame not to pull in WHEDONesque members to this event. I often hear the hoots and hollers coming from HM events when I walk by, so I think they can be great fun. I'll be heading to Cape Cod when it happens, so ironically, I can't attend...
Why not just link to Legendary Bingo?
For one thing, they don't appear to have this event listed yet, not even on their schedule blogspot. I don't think there IS anywhere to link to yet.
As Caroline recently remarked, there has to be a link. No link means no story. In this case, I've substituted the Legendary Bingo url but, frankly, that's just a placeholder given that the event in question isn't mentioned there yet. Next time it'll be deleted.
Bonnie and John are just made of awesome. I start classes that day or I might make the trip. Any idea how to donate if you CAN'T be there?
People who can't attend in person can donate through the AIDS Service Center site -- -- make sure you say it's for/in honor of the Legendary Bingo night (this information per Bonnie Friedericy).
John Billingsley is now listed as "Celebrity Ballcaller" on the Hamburger Mary Legendary Bingo schedule for Wed. Sept. 3, so the link is now officially legit :) I have heard that Amber Benson and Andy Hallett have also done the Legendary Bingo emcee function in years past.
What a great cause. I just saw (again) part of the SNL greatest moments on E! over the weekend, and am trying to resist the temptation to start a bunch of puns based on Alec Baldwin's character, Mr. Schwetty, and his Christmas-time treats.

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