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August 24 2008

Which SF show creator will get an Emmy nod for 2008-2009? Joss gets included along with just about every other major genre player in this Slice of SciFi Weekly poll.

Guess this is a given, but I wish Joss' "Dr. Horrible" was in that mix. It was so brilliant.
I believe the usual answer from the Emmys is "none"...
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the answer is "none" as well.
I have to admit I voted for the last option.
As much as I love Joss's work, I don't think EMMY voters will ever appreciate it the way as we around Whedonesque and critics like Matt Roush do appreciate his work. I really do think, DOLLHOUSE will be a show like "Buffy" or "HIMYM", one that flies under the radar and I would be fine with it.
Madhatter: congrats on your 3000th comment!
Shouldn't "Dr. Horrible" be in the mix under the "Short-format live action entertainment program", also known as the webisode category? Even if it's not connected with a current show, why got recognize an internet musical that rivals "Mamma Mia" in heart and quality? If there are other examples, the Academy will have to look at this.
The Academy should nominate Joss for the Dr. Horrible songs under "music and lyrics" (where Whachamacallit in a Box won for SNL) even if it didn't for "Once More With Feeling."
Maybe it is not in the spirit of the poll, but I voted for Joss even though I doubt any SF will be nominated.
Thank you, Simon!

[ edited by Madhatter on 2008-08-24 19:34 ]
I picked the last option. What will happen and what should happen are, as usual, very different things.
What if all of their 2008-2009 shows suck?
Then we'll have a boring year, bix.

However, I suspect one or three may be watchable. Stand by and see.
I'm just saying. A little early to be guessing who will get an Emmy nod when we don't even know if any of these shows will be consistently good enough even to watch.
Hi (first post, but have been lurking for years!)
I see what you're saying Bix, it seems like this vote just clocks who's got the bigger fan base? (not that there's anything wrong with that per say).
I picked the last option. Cynicism seems to be the most viable option here.
Surely Alan Ball is a fairly realistic choice? No matter the quality of the other shows in comparison to True Blood, he's an established critical darling and winner of shiny awards, which will make him palatable to Emmy voters even if his new show does have vampires.
I too voted for the last option.

But have you seen the Emmys lately? Ugh. Horrible choices. I mean, I thought I had problems with the Oscars, but at least the movies they pick are usually pretty good.

Boston Legal getting awards while The Wire wasn't even nominated? How can you take these people seriously?
They got all the Mad Men nominations right. They could have ignored the best new show of last year, but they didn't.
UnpluggedCrazy said:
But have you seen the Emmys lately? Ugh. Horrible choices.
See, I don't know about that. In the nominations for 2008 in the writing, directing and series categories, 30 Rock, Curb..., Entourage, The Office, Damages, Mad Men, Pushing Daisies, Dexter and Battlestar... all got some love. If you're talking winners in past years, I mean, sure, can't fault you there, but I have a glimmer or two of hope this year.
BSG was nominated? I honestly didn't know that.

The Office getting nominated was definitely great, and from what little I've seen of Dexter (one episode) and Mad Men (two episodes), their nominations were deserved. But Entourage lost major steam last season, I disliked the pilot episode of Damages so thoroughly I couldn't watch the rest, and I have always hated Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Not too familiar with Pushing Daisies or 30 Rock, though brief bits I've seen from the latter have been very funny.

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