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August 24 2008

All good things.... Jewel Staite is NOT married to Matthew Fox. Onward to Dragon*Con and the future!

Thanks for the alert! I have her on my bulletin alerts but I never go to myspace.I like her entries. they're fun.
Yeah, I'm not sure Matthew Fox would have allowed the picture of himself which Jewel's Matt allowed at La Cantina back during Serenity LA.

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Oh, her posts always make me laugh. Never saw SGA, never really wanted to, but I'm sorry she finds herself in this unfortunate situation. She seems like such a nice person. She is always so positive and she is NOT cursed. Like she said, she was on SGA for a while before it was cancelled, and, breaking news: TV shows get cancelled sometimes. It happens.
Yes, we’re a little disappointed that we won’t be seeing each other on a regular basis anymore, or eating Steve’s famous “crack sandwiches” every morning (I must now enter baconcheesymayo-y goodness rehab).

What is it with actors and bacon sandwiches? Tom Baker once said (presumably for the larf, but still) that he got into acting just because of the bacon sandwiches.

I never could get the hang of the baconic lifestyle. Perhaps that's why I'm such a rubbish actor.
I don't know how Jewel puts up with the idiots. She has such a good soul to suffer them.
I'd imagine that Jewel puts up with the idiots for the same reason the rest of us who use MySpace do, TamaraC. Because the majority of people who use MySpace are genuinely nice, respectful people who are worth getting to know. If you avoided an internet site because you were worried that there might be a small number of rude, ignorant people posting comments then I'd say you may as well give up your broadband connection today. ;)

Can't say that I'm too surprised about how Jewel has reacted to the SGA ending. It was always a strong possibility so I'd imagine that all the cast and crew have gone into this season with the feeling it will likely be the last. At least the way this has happened means that they can end the season well and set up the tv movies as they see fit. A plus that Jewel never experienced with Firefly.

As for the curse, isn't this only the second show that Jewel has starred in that has been cancelled? Hardly a pattern. When she has the track record of Reaper's Tyler Labine, then she should worry. :)
Whereas if there were a pattern we should start to wonder if it actually is a curse ? ;-)

(cos if you're counting there's 'Space Cases', 'Firefly' and SGA as main cast, 'Wonderfalls', 'Just Deal' and 'Higher Ground' as a recurring and a one-off role on 'Dead Like Me' which was also canceled after 2 seasons. So either it's a curse or, y'know, most north American TV shows get canceled and Jewel is a talented actor that happens to have worked a lot ;)

Yeah, I suspect this was on the cards, certainly 'Stargate Universe' has been waiting on a green light for about a year now and with the apparent success (financially) of the SG1 D2DVD films it makes sense to do this. And I guess it's nice to get a regular gig with regular pay etc. but that's generally not an actor's life and Jewel is gonna know that much better than e.g. me ;).
See, now you're just throwing fuel on that curse fire again, Saje. That list of cancelled shows is as good as proof for the internet let's-create-a-really-ridiculous-rumour squad. Before you know it there will be crowds of people with pitchforks and torches posting on her MySpace page demanding a trial by fire to prove Jewel isn't some sort of show-cursing witch.

The sad thing? The interweb has seen stranger things happen. ;)
Just to be clear, I am not married to Matthew Fox either.

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