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August 25 2008

Geekson reviews Dr. Horrible. In their latest podcast, the Geekson crew review Dr. Horrible, and discuss what it was like to see it at Comic-Con with a room full of fans and the creators. Lots of other Comic-Con reports included in the rest of the show.

The Dr. Horrible review starts at 12:52 and ends at 19:30.

Ah, GeeksOn, the show created by geeks for geeks, covering topics that geeks like to talk about.

One of my very favorite podcasts. Very much worth listening to... funny, informative, and funny.
Same here, Jim. I just wish they would update more frequently.
Yes. Indeed. More shows please GeeksOn.

They have an older ep on their site with a Joss Whedon interview, as well as one with Christina Hendricks (Saffron), and at least a couple with Lisa Lassek the editor of serenity/firefly/buffy/angel/dr. horrible.

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