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August 25 2008

Smallville's Supergirl Laura Vandervoort is a fan of Buffy and Joss. At this weekend's Toronto FanExpo,Laura Vandervoort did a Q/A with Michael Rosenbaum where she revealed her Buffy and Joss Whedon love along with working with James Marsters being a highlight of her season with Smallville.

"She shared that one of the highlights of being on Smallville was working with James Marsters. She grew up watching Buffy, and was a big fan, to the point of writing Joss Whedon when she was a kid and asking if she could be on the show. Years later, Vandervoort had the chance to audition for Whedon, who remembered her letter."

I love the way that people love working with James Marsters :)

And any fan of Buffy and Joss gets automatic kudos points
I wonder what she auditioned for -- I'm suddenly picturing her as Lissa in "First Date", or as a Potential, or as Nina, or one of Nandi's girls in "Heart of Gold", or in "Dollhouse", or the Baby Momma from later in Season 5 of "Angel" ("Time Bomb"?).
I was thinking Nina as well.
I see her being a good Dawny. Not that MT wasn't great, she was. But a 12 year old LV would have been an awesome little key, IMO.

I think Buffy might be Hollywood's dirty little secret.

Whenever one of these articles comes out about an actor or director that loves the show, I always picture the person watching a pivotal scene or major plot twist. You just know she cried when Buffy sent Angel to hell with a sword through the chest. It's a little more fun when the article is about some big, burley mustache wearing country-western star because again, you know he was sobbing like a baby at the end of season 5. But then again, isn't that what Buffy is all about?...big-burley mustache men crying like babies.
Yep, no-one is immune ;).

She'd have been a tad young for Nina I reckon, about 19 when the character appeared ? I'd say more a Potential maybe.

'Lex' with hair is just weird, bet it's a relief for Michael Rosenbaum though. Morbidly curious how they're going to tie up her story (bottled city of Kandor anyone ? ;) and Lex's for that matter. He's obviously a huge character in the 'Smallville' mythos, it'd be weird if he just wasn't there suddenly, with no sort of defining event to send him off. Bit of a shake up this season, no/very little Lex, Kara nor Lana either from what I hear.
I agree Saje, it will be strange to not have Lex in the show. He was such a huge presence. Maybe they decided it's time for him to be president. That'll tie up the character for a while and still allows for guest spots.
Wouldn't he still be drastically too young to be president?
You need to be a 35 year old natural-born US citizen to run for President. Smallville Lex ain't there yet.

Vote Tiger Woods in 2012.

Morbidly curious how they're going to tie up her story (bottled city of Kandor anyone ?

Maybe she is involved in the big Legion Of Superheroes episode that Geoff Johns is writing.It's episode 9 I think.She said she is shooting her episode in Oct. and episode 9 might be shooting around then.I could see Kara going off with The Legion to the 30th Century.Supergirl was involved with the Legion in recent years in the comics too.

The new villainess being introduced this season named Tess Mercer will be how they will be dealing with the Lex issues without him actually there.She is being played by Cassidy Freeman.Tess is supposed to be connected to Lex and will be acting on his behalf this season and running his company.She and Doomsday/Davis Bloome are this seasons major villains on Smallville.Tess has been confirmed as being a cross between Ms. Teschmacher from the Superman movies and Mercy Graves from Superman The Animated Series and the comics.

Lex himself will be missing and Tess will be searching for him while looking after his interests.

I throw my hat into speculating that LV tried out for a Potential.

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I could see Kara going off with The Legion to the 30th Century.

Ooh, that could actually be OK. That'd be quite a nice send-off but still open-ended. I knew about Tess Mercer (she's been described as Lex's protegé) but I didn't know Lex was actually missing, I thought he was just off somewhere (a political career would make sense in fact, though maybe not quite PotUS yet).

Green Arrow is becoming a regular too apparently (must admit, one good thing about my ambivalent attitude towards 'Smallville' is I don't mind minor spoilers, it's cool to have one show I can relax around discussions of ;).
My girlfriend got me watching Smallville during season 5, and now I'm just hanging on until it's finished. It was after Smallville that I got into Buffy/Angel and now it's hard going back. The quality just isn't there. Still, I thought MR was excellent as Lex and really liked the dynamic between him and Clark. It will be hard replacing him. Kara's arrival on the show was nice for me since I was getting burnt out on Lana, plus Laura is extremely hot.
I knew about Tess Mercer (she's been described as Lex's protegé) but I didn't know Lex was actually missing, I thought he was just off somewhere (a political career would make sense in fact, though maybe not quite PotUS yet).

From the spoilers I've read about the first few episodes.Lex is missing and Tess is investigating Clark because he was the last one to see Lex alive.She knows that they were friends once and is snooping around Clark for answers.I don't know if later in the season that Lex will be found offscreen and be involved in that way but atleast for the first part of the season his whereabouts are unknown from what it seems.

Yeah,Green Arrow is a regular this season and he's become a favorte of mine.So I'm glad he is back this season.

I wish Supergirl was back as a regular this season as well but it feels like they lost there way with her storyline last season.Maybe it was because of the writers strike but after the first batch of episodes,it felt like they didn't know what to do with her.So I'll take a one episode return especially if she gets a good send off.That might be for the best rather then to keep her as a regular just to keep her.

I'm a fan of Smallville.It doesn't compare to the Buffyverse but I'm a sucker for Superman.I follow all the Superman T.V. shows.From the Superboy series in the late 80's and early 90's to Lois and Clark,Smallville and ofcourse the movies and comics,I've been just a fan of Superman since I was a little kid.This was even before I got into comics.I didn't start reading comics until I was 12 or 13 but was a major Superman nut going back age 3 and 4.I used to go nuts for the Christopher Reeve movies as child.One of my earliest memories is my parents taking me to see Superman III in the movies back in 83 and I used to drop whatever I was doing when Superman II was on.I had such glee when Superman IV was announced and saw it in the movies when I was 7.Yes,now I know Superman III and IV weren't great films but as I kid I loved them.

I follow lots of other superheroes now but Superman remains my favorite and my first love as far as comic book superheroes go.

So Smallville is a show that had me hooked from the start although I don't consider it anything more then bubble gum fun when I watch.

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I stopped watching Smallville in season 3 because I can't stand the weak writing. They completely ignore their greatest assets -- Rosenbaum being one of them. He needs his own show, and for years I've been saying they should create a Lex spinoff. He has amazing talent and he's been sorely underused.

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Well, Buffy would've been a much better career highlight than Smallville.
Vandervoort is currently working on INTO THE BLUE 2...
Isn't Into the Blue that Jessica Alba movie that came out the same day as Serenity? And it gets a sequel??? Life is unfair... (grumble, grumble)
Into the Blue grossed at least $5 million more than Serenity. And I'm sure it cost a lot less.
Hey, that was my question. My question is famous!

The story with my question in it is linked in Whedonesque. How cool is that?
UnpluggedCrazy, here here. But seeing as Buffy is no more (except in comic form) and Smallville STILL is on the air *shakes head* me thinks a Whedon project (maybe on that starts with a D or um, a D) would be cool too? ;) You know Joss will be giddy to abu--uh, use Michael's many talents.

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