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July 18 2003

(SPOILER) Kristin catches up with the Angel cast at the WB party. Amy Acker, David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon comment on season 5 amongst other things.

David spoke to Sarah about appearing on Angel? Did I read that correctly?

It's refreshing to hear him say he's as clueless about the CC situation as everyone else.
Sounds right to me Simon!

But what I wanna know is where are the pics of DB "looking even more delish with longer, wavy hair"??? I wanna see!!
melsta - you can see photos right here. :-)
Woo and major hoo! Thanks wren!!
I'm not trying to be critical but has David put on considerable weight and girth over the years? Or is it my imagination? Odd considering he's a lead.
Odd considering he's a lead? Odd considering Angel's dead.

He isn't supposed to get thinner, thicker, older, younger. It's one of the problems with creating a character like that. Nick Brendon got away with it to a degree. When his character became a construction worker, Brendon started looking the part more and more. By season seven I noticed the directors were being rather creative with how they'd frame him in a shot. Being a little overweight myself I found it offensive. Xander's no more or less appealing because the actor that portrays him has added a few pounds. I'm beginning to wonder if ultimately that's why Brendon's not being asked to Angel next season. Truly, it wouldn't be hard to write in a reason why Xander has to visit L.A. and it would be thrilling to see Xander & Angel face off after all these years. There's no love lost between the two of them, and if you threw Spike into the mix, the complexities between the threesome would be a lot of fun. My concern would be Gunn, but he's gonna have his own plot arc, so I'd just rarely if ever write Gunn & Xander into the same scene (they're too much alike to be of interest to me as a writer).

However, Brendon doesn't have that "looks nice wet in a speedo" look that he had back in season one. So he's being passed. It is one of the criticisms I have for Whedon - he keeps beautiful people around and the ones who look like normal people either get 'recurring' roles or get themselves killed. Tara's the most shapely, yummy, least coathangeresque female ever in the series. And she's the one who gets shot. Jonathan certainly never fit any model mold, and likewise never fit in with the 'beautiful people.'

In Star Trek Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes put on a lot of weight between the first and second seasons. They tried to hide it by having him grow a beard, so we wouldn't see the second chin that was forming. His weight went up and down throughout the run of the series, kinda like Oprah. Brent Spiner has fought with that throughout the Star Trek run. He's dramatically different in the last movie than in the pilot episode. Makeup can only hide so many wrinkles. I mean, if an android starts showing signs of age, he should just be able to replicate a new head. Y'know? But the point is they remained in the forefront despite their physical changes, because their acting prowess still shone through.

And now David's showing a little imperfection. Big deal. Okay so his vampiric role should be timeless. He looks the same in flashbacks as he does in modern day, so how come you can see a diff between season one Angel and season five Angel? Well, truth to tell this IS fiction and the makeup crew are not miracle workers. Let's say Angel's been on a diet of pig's blood, which may be fattening. So far as I know that's not any more or less fattening than human blood in real life, but since he doesn't need to worry about hunting for his food, or lose weight due to stressing out and sweating it off feeling guilt-ridden and then being chased by vampire hunters (other vampires probably exercise a lot of weight off running away from things)perhaps Angel's drinking more than is necessary? Maybe in season five we'll see the character go on a diet?
I really don't think the reason that Joss isn't bringing Xander on Angel is because of his physic. That's not being fair to Joss' integrity. I'm sure it has more to do with plot at the moment, who knows give it a year and you'll see Xander sparring with Angel and Spike. Just to clarify I do find it odd cause he's a lead not caus he's vampire. People age I get that but Lead's are getting the big bucks to stay in shape. It doesn't really bug me as I'm not an Angel fan by any means but I know some people who are and they, to say the least are disheartened that is is no longer the sex symbol they once fawned over.

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"I know some people who are and they, to say the least are disheartened that is is no longer the sex symbol they once fawned over."

That's entirely their problem. Death to weightists.
Well, remember that the BtVS pilot was filmed in 1996, even though it didn't air until 1997. So David first started playing Angel 8 years ago, when he was 25 years old.

He just turned 33 in May, and his body has changed a lot, including some serious muscle building due to the amount of stunt fighting he does. Doesn't mean he's not in shape. According to an interview here, the guy works out twice a day already. There's only so much one can do to stop the effects of time. Even James Marsters looks a lot different than he did in BtVS Season 2.

And on preview, what prolific said. :-)
I want a t-shirt that says "death to weightists." I want the words on the shirt to fall just above my beer belly.

Then I want Danny Strong and Amber Benson to star as lead ingenues in a multi-million dollar romantic comedy action adventure motion picture that's populated from the supporting actors down to the extras with real, normal looking people. I want Benson wearing clothing that accentuates her curves and I want the press to call her "A Thinking Man's Marilyn Monroe." And Danny Strong should get to wear tuxes and look cool, and anyone who's taller than he is would have to walk in trenches. And anyone whose bones are protruding visibly under their skin or has muscles bulging out of them, I want them to be seen as evil heartless insane freaks.

But I can never get what I want. Death to weightists.
On what planet is Amber Benson even chunky? I've always thought she's gorgeous, but, retaining objectivity for a moment - did no one see her in the midriff-baring skirt on "Restless"? She's in good shape, just not skinny.
They say television adds at least 10 lbs.

With that in mind I always figured Amber was a healthy weight while Sarah and Allyson must be on the anorexic side. Allyson's FHM lingerie photos a month or two back bear this out.

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Eh, not to derail just a little, but as much as possible, anorexics/bulemics hate their obsession with food. They'd love to be normal and usually envy people who aren't rail thin but are happy with their bodies.

And anyone whose bones visibly protrude from under their skin are probably going to slowly commit voluntary suicide by starvation in a few years. And they realize this. Evil, heartless, insane freaks.

I'm not anorexic, nor do I know anyone who is, but, reading some of this is akin to hearing people mock lung cancer patients because they smoke. The only thing missing from this thread is an "eat a sandwich!" comment.

On preview, I found an "eat a (blank)" about Amy Acker: here.

Big Macs. Very healthy.

It's comforting to know that however you look, there are thousands of people who will criticize every little thing about how you look. It's not like that could cause an eating disorder.

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