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August 25 2008

Sunnydale High School, how we fear you! MSN lists the Best and Worst TV High Schools and places the Scooby Gang's alma mater under "Worst Schools for Life Expectancy"... surprised?

"If we can focus, keep discipline, and not have quite as many mysterious deaths, Sunnydale is going to rule!"

Aww, I miss Larry. That was a great line to ring in Season 3. Good times.
Lawndale High and Neptune County got mentions, yay! Still, sometimes I wish my school had been built over a Hellmouth, so that I could have turned invisible when I felt neglected or whatever.
Personally, I'm really excited that PA was mentioned. =]
It always tickled me that students and teachers kept dying and still, there seemed to be a very large contingent of students at Sunnydale. Maybe there was reverse-magic going on so people wouldn't move away.
Kind of like a black hole: once you got caught in the Hellmouth's pull, you could never escape.
Yay, for Sunnydale High's death rate!

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Not suprising really. But Neptune High was up there too (and considering Smallville and Buffy are sci-fi its a bit more worrying). Im sure there was about 20 deaths in the second season. Watched a few episodes from the first season the other day and several times I though "its a shame they die later on".

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