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August 26 2008

Doctor Horrible in The London Paper. Doctor Horrible gets prime billing in The London Paper's "Night In" section. A complimentary (if slightly belated) article in a free paper targeted at commuters in The City and so read by several thousand Londoners.

The mainstream exposure is certainly welcome but given that the target audience currently has no legal way to view the show, it does make one wonder what good the article will do.

THere was an article and image in the Entertainment section of a big Australian newspaper a couple of weeks ago too - ironic
Malcolm in the Middle's Neil Patrick Harris?
Wow! There was an incredible amount wrong in that article.
@jkalderash: yeah, I WTFed at that, too.
Haha, I totally lol'd when I saw that too, jkalderash! Good grief! How difficult is it to IMDB the man? Plus, he is fairly well-known! That is just pure laziness!
This is why he's going to take over Australia, you know. Insufficient appreciation of Doogie Howser, MD.
It's really agonizing, the degree to which there are absolutely horrid writers out there making a living at writing. Have some freaking pride in being employed at word craft, people. Jeez.
Plus for whatever reason is back to being USA-only and its still not appeared on iTunes so while I reccomend watching it there is no possible way at the moment.
ashley: yeah, it's very frustrating. Several people I've spoken to have expressed interest but then can't go and see it for themselves.
Wow, that article was chock full o' wrong. Way to do your research. =/
It's generally positive which is nice but whenever I read an error ridden newspaper article about something I know a lot about it just makes me wonder how many articles I read about subjects I don't know a lot about that are equally full of errors.

Seems to happen a disturbing amount, not just with entertainment articles either (which you could imagine a snobby editor maybe not paying much attention to) but e.g. science and technology articles too (and once or twice i've read newspaper articles reporting as fact internet spread urban myths. Not obscure ones either, just checking would've cleared it up. Bonkers).
Just got a tweet from the doc horrible team that said international itunes will be available very soon. Just an FYI.
I appreciate these things are complicated (and I'd imagine both technically and legally) so it wasn't complaining. Just point of fact. The London Paper is saying "hey go watch this...which is only available to watch illegally at present!"
This kind of thing might help DVD sales later. Not that the DVDs seem in danger of not selling.
It was certainly a nice surprise when I flicked open a copy of it on my way home last night and saw a picture of Dr. Horrible looking at me. I only had time to skim the article, but I thought it had about the usual level of errors you expect in these sorts of papers: honestly, I wonder whether local, free-sheet and tabloid journos have a certain number of factual inaccuracies per article written into their contracts.

Weird timing for the piece, though.

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