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August 26 2008

(SPOILER) Raising the Bar - An Early Look. TV Squad's Kona Gallagher gets a look at the first three episodes of J. August Richards' new show, but doesn't like it too much. No actual mention of J. in the review, alas.

I've seen a bunch of commercials for the show, and I must be blinking at the wrong time, because I haven't seen J. in any of them. As for what I have seen - not making it "must see" for me.
Yeah, I think this line here was the clincher:
His clients are so innocent and this fact affects him so deeply that within the first 20 minutes of the pilot he's holding a client's hand through his jail cell and crying with him over a plea bargain. Seriously.
Well i've (possibly ;) seen the pilot and won't be watching the series BUT that review isn't entirely fair IMO (unless they've changed a lot since it leaked) since a major part of it is that most of the DA's lawyers are actually decent people just with a difference of perspective (and more money ;) and there's a big question as to how effective Jerry Kellerman's earnest, passionate, teary-eyed approach actually is.

To me it looked like it's going to be about the tension and trade-offs between pragmatism and idealism, particularly in the legal system, and the idealist was by no means the unalloyed hero IMO.

(JAR's part isn't huge BTW but he's very definitely in the main cast and his character plays a pivotal role in the case featured in the pilot. And yeah, Jane Kaczmerek was brilliant as Judge Trudy - heh ;) - the hard but unfair nemesis)
JAR had a couple of seconds and a line in the latest promo I saw. He looked great. The show looks lame.
I wish the universe would put me in charge of television so that I could ensure that good actors would always have shows/films that were worthy of them. Because I miss JAR and I want to watch him, but this show does not sound tempting in the slightest (although this article's sly snark made me giggle). Just like I really miss Amber Benson, but there's no way I'm going to watch that movie she just did with Tori Spelling. It's so unfortunate!
Well I'll give it a chance for J. He deserves something really good IMO and most likely this isn't it, but an actor's gotta work. And maybe it will lead to something better.

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