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August 26 2008

Danny Strong is working the DNC for the AP. Fresh from "Recount," Danny Strong is keeping a video diary of the Democratic National Convention for the AP. First up: an interview with Anne Hathaway. Which is, oddly, presented as text. No idea yet what form this video will eventually take; anyone with more knowledge please comment about it.

I just recently watched, "Recount" and I thought it was wonderful. Danny did a great job in writing and I'm looking forward to his future works.
I watched "Recount" yesterday. I can think of no better compliment than to say that it was as exhilarating and good as many of the best episodes of The West Wing (although the writing was different in style, obviously).

I'm watching the DNC right now (though I should actually be sleeping). I don't know why I'm a political junkie, with a preference for American politics, while I'm not even American, but there it is ;).
My advice to anyone watching the DNC is, watch it on CSPAN, if you have access. Otherwise, you lose half the content to the idiots who call themselves "political commentators", telling you what to think.

I don't have any info. on what form Danny's (video) coverage will take, but if the excellent Recount is any indication, I'm sure it will be more intelligently presented than what you'll get from the networks, broadcast or cable.
I second the recommendation about CSPAN. I watched on MSNBC on Monday night and was completely disgusted with the coverage. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann get enough airtime on MSNBC -- if they've gotta be on-air, it should only be in the breaks, which is the way PBS did it (another good alternative if you don't get CSPAN). CM and KO talked over (or allowed an interviewee to talk over) about the first 30 seconds of the Michelle Obama intro reel, and talked through many other speeches and presentations.

"Recount" rocks. I just picked up the DVD and am looking forward to listening to Danny's commentary on it and checking out the rest of the extras.

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