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August 26 2008

(SPOILER) Kristen E! Online spoilers for Bones Season 4. This link contans HUGE spoilers for Bones and pretty much every other TV show. But the non spoiler news is that David Boreanaz is directing episode 10 this year.

The Bones info is about halfway down the first page.

I was impressed by the Angel ep he directed.

I still hate him (way too handsome).
I've been waiting for David to direct an episode of Bones.Here's some good karma.David is directing this season's episode 10 of Bones and Soul Purpose which David directed for Angel was also episode 10.
All the Office stuff had me going gaga but yay for Bones!!

There are also spoilers for Greek, which Charisma Carpenter was on, I believe. I didn't watch it, so I don't know if the spoilers relate to her or not.
Glad to hear about DB's directing gig; I really liked "Soul Purpose".

The Heroes spoilers sound intriguing.

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