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August 26 2008

'90210' returns to Torrance High School. Better known to us as Sunnydale High School, as the New York Post article reminds us.

Let's hope they don't plan any explosions at 3 o'clock in the morning. (And that Shannen Doherty gets turned into a fish monster.)

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Shannen Doherty IS a fish monger's wife monster!:-)
*blinks* That's my picture of Torrance High School illustrating that article.
I dunno...It is really hard for me to see this as anything other than Sunnydale High. I don't like that another show is using it, LOL.

I didn't even realize Torrance High was used in the original 90210 until it was mentioned on a Buffy commentary. Oh well, Torrance High will always be Sunnydale High to me. :)
I don't have a clear enough memory of the high school years of 90210 (didn't watch much of it), was it shot a lot differently than the way Buffy did it ?

Maybe there weren't many options, but since 90210 happened before Buffy, you'd think they'd've wanted to avoid comparisons and use another school.
Never watched 90210 but it's always a strange feeling when I remember how close to Torrance high I lived, as a kid. If my family hadn't moved to another town when I was twelve, I would have gone to High School there.

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