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August 26 2008

Clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The Score now online. has put up clips from the entire album, which will be released on September 9th.

Awesome! :D God listening to these tracks in HQ is a dream come true! :P They really sound fantastic.

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I second that "awesome"! I can't wait to buy this!

Magic Snow Music!! *giggles*
Can't wait to get this! :D
I had NO IDEA this was coming out! Brilliant!
Maybe the tracks have been ordered that way for a reason (flows better), but the purist in me wants them to be in chronological order.

"Remembering Jenny" from "Passion" is still one of my favorite pieces in the series.
Kris I turn that up every time it plays on my "Instrumental Buffy" playlist. Mainly to hear Tony's lovely voice.

I love that movement, "A Father's Love," "Magic Snow Music" and "Class Protector." Beck's a master.

crossoverman We had a big thread on this when it was first announced. I'm definitely going to buy it if it comes out in regular stores, because then my ultimate playlist will be ultimater.
I ordered it on Amazon on the same day it was announced. That's how crazy I get about Buffy. Usually I think a while about buying something, but in this case, I didn't think about it, I just bought.
Listening to the clips from Moment of Happiness and Sacrifice just got me all verklempt.
I normally wouldn't buy a score but that's incredible. "Drink Me" from Graduation Day and "Sacrifice" from The Gift both gave me tingles... In the musical way. Musical tingles.

It's fantastic to hear the quality of these. I'm so pleased to finally get a chance to actually pay Chris Beck for his fabulous score, which brought so much to the series. I've ordered two copies!
Woo Woo !! Excellent news ! Just popped it into my shopping cart. Can't wait to hear it in it's entirety, whilst locked in a room, eyes closed, a dreamy smile on my face. Christophe Becks' score dynamically enhanced the atmosphere of the Buffy 'Verse. To be able to hear the actual score is "magickal" indeed! This is a wish come true ! Thanks for the heads up, xander fan !!
I can't wait to get this.
Yay! Ordered as soon as I saw this on here.

I'm so excited, I may cry. Too late.

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I wish we could get a full season 5 score, that's my favorite score. It was mostly composed by Thomas Wanker though, not Beck. I doubt we'll ever see a release of that, unfortunately.

Nice announcement on my b-day! :o
Oh, man. Those last one gets me every time.
Holy Xmas Batman!!!

When was this announced and why has it taken this long!?!?!
You know it never even occurred to me that I might want to own this but I just went and listened to and HOLY COW that Beck is talented. Genius! Absolutely gorgeous. The music from The Wish!
Even knowing in the back of my mind that everything was about to be undone/fixed during "The Wish" (imagine if they weren't ? Hah! And people thought Season 6 was dark), I was so caught up in that ep I wasn't really thinking of what things would look like when they were put back together. That piece is so effectively mournful/doomsday-ish.

We got Anya, an awesome score, tons of "What If" scenarios and an excellent ep (and Vamp-Willow, though as much as I sorta like "Dopplegangland", I don't really enjoy that character anymore). Great deal, that one.
Can you only order it if you live in America?

Sorry, ignore this. I didn't see that you could buy the actual CD as well.

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I love the fact that the piece from Amends is called "Magic Snow Music"...
Heh, maybe he and/or Joss named it that after they saw some of the comments and criticism for "Amends" online.

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