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August 26 2008

Dollhouse TV Forum Interview with Tahmoh Penikett. Dollhouse TV Forum has a great new interview with Tahmoh. ETA: looks like they've switched it to reg only to avoid the Whedonesque effect. Update: back to no reg required.

No need to register anymore ;)

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I really love reading interviews with Tahmoh. What a level headed guy. Very smart, honest and funny in interviews.
Thanks for that zeitgeist, excellent interview, interesting site & a couple of familiar names. I'll probably sign up, when I can find the time.
Dollhousians? Let's just put a plug to that expression right now, ok? Great interview sure, but no more using that word please...
Aye as we all know the offical designation for a Dollhouse fan is a Mannequin.
It's back to being reg-only.
Ok, don't want to be mean, but they mailed us to ask if we could post the link and then it's reg only?
Not showing as reg only for me, but yeah that was a little bit "Huh?" ;).
I think they take it off and on in an attempt to regulate the traffic. 4 out of the 5 times i've checked it today it hasn't been reg only (and currently isn't).
I think it's determined by the page views from your browser session, if you go over a certain number then you're encouraged to register.
I think you've hit on it Simon. If you delete your cookies you can view it twice before getting the reg screen on the third viewing (at work I must've gone twice then shutdown Firefox then gone twice more before my "fifth" check came up with the reg request).
Well, I only checked it one time and it was reg-only.
Weird, because I can replicate that behaviour exactly (2 pageviews then reg required) time after time. And if I view twice, delete cookies and then click the link again, sure enough, up comes the interview in full rather than the reg required page (Firefox lets you 'Clear Private Data' without exiting the browser).

Does it still say it now UpC and if so, have you tried deleting your cookies and then trying again ?
Hey guys. Admin here from

Only 2 page views were allowed because the server has been very unstable these past few weeks. We tried to minimize the number of users on the forum so the site wouldn't crash. You should have all been able to view the interview (counts as one page view). Not sure why some of you couldn't. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The server problem has been sorted and the forum is now fully open to guests again.

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