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August 27 2008

NPH scheduled for "The Late Show with David Letterman" tonight. Perhaps a "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" mention? Or not.

Didn't see it, but I hope he mentioned what they were going to do next.
It hasn't been on yet, it's the Wednesday show. :)
I'd be surprised if Dr. H didn't get at least a mention. It was a semi-big deal, even outside the Joss community. But maybe I'm optimistic.

I'm looking forward to this.
I'll watch it definitely! Even if there is no Dr. H mention, NPH is always funny and an interesting interviewee.
Thanks for the heads up! It is on against Stephen Colbert, but I'll find a way to watch both!
Y'know, I posted a thread about this over the weekend, but it disappeared. Since this one has been allowed to stay, I guess the problem with mine was that it was too far out from the broadcast, rather than heads ups about talk show appearances being on the outs. (Unless they thought the title "Our Buddy, Billy, Visits 'Your TV Pal' Dave This Week." was too cutesy or something;) )

But, yeah, I'd recently been thinking that I missed watching Dave since my work switched to an earlier shift, anyway; so this is extra incentive to finally set the ol' VCR.

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I guess the problem with mine was that it was too far out from the broadcast

It's better if the news is posted on the day of broadcast as it gives people a chance to talk about it on the front page.
Oh, so people can discuss the appearance in the thread after it airs! Of course. I was just looking at it from the angle of giving people some advance notice; but having the thread available for reaction of course makes more sense. I hadn't even thought about that. Thanks for the tip/explanation, Simon!

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I wish you would make these posts about appearances a couple days before AND the day of the appearance. That way we can make arrangements so we can see it.

Just a suggestion.
Oh, he's just a love - such a hoot, and what a nice vibe.

Hoping to hear something about the Doc...

ETA: Oops, looks like not so much. Darn it. This was short.

I think it's over...

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Sorry not to see a Dr. Horrible mention, but he certainly does a mean Regis.
This must've been his first time on Dave; next time he should be on much longer cuz Dave thought he was funny
Yeah, a couple of disappointments - no Dr. Horrible mention [:(], and a bit short (though, I've certainly seen much shorter second-guest segments, too). I was expecting the athletes' interview to be shorter, as I recall similar spots being before, and then NPH to have the "top guest" segment length. (Maybe because there were two of them they got more time?)

But, it was still a fun interview. Neil is quite a funny guy, and I agree that Dave noticed. And I also was impressed with his Regis Philbin impersonation. It's also cool that he's psyched about co-hosting the Creative Emmys; I dare guess that he'll give the attendees an entertaining night.
And it's on youtube now. Click. He's a funny guy. Looking forward to HIMYM starting again soon.

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